Chaa Creek Summer Camp To Teach Children To Love Nature

By Giovanni J. Pinelo Jr.

I ask: why not be an Eco Kid? There’s nothing to lose if you just try it, in fact , there is a lot to gain. This is a once in a life time opportunity, and what an opportunity it can be!

We only have one planet and we need to and we need to conserve our resources. Imagine the destruction one little disruption like pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, etc may cause. Pollution is a serious problem. The contamination of the environment may lead to diseases and creates an inhabitable place.  It is very important that we have a clean and safe place to live in. If we don’t conserve our ecosystem endangered species of plants and animals may die out. This affects the food webs and the normal conditions of the habitats.

Being an Eco Kid will allow me to learn so much more about ecosystems, the environment, the whole planet and how to manage and maintain our resources by reusing, reducing and recycling to help conserve our earth. Most importantly, I hope I will be able to inform others and encourage them to be Eco kids as well because it does not take only one Eco Kid to help make a difference. It will be easier and better done with the contribution of every one.

I have heard and read that Chaa Creek is an eco-friendly resort. I have never gone to Chaa Creek, and I missed the trip with “Amigos del Ambiente” group from the Benque Viejo House of Culture. I am a group member and, although I did not go on that educational trip, my fellow group members told me all about it. I understand that almost everything there is eco-friendly. It sounded very fun and relaxing. I hope you pick me so that I can tell them about my adventure there as an Eco Kid.

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