Conserve & Protect Mother Earth!

By Abel Blanco

The environment is one of our precious gifts that God gave us. I say we should try to keep the environment dirt-free because it is really unattractive to see it dirty but so breathtaking to see that the environment is clean. Belize’s environment can be very clean because we try to keep it clean every day by picking up rubbish and trying not to pollute the environment. Belize’s environment could be easily damaged by our innocent actions so we should put more garbage cans on our world. There many ways of keeping the environment clean so we should just try to keep it unpolluted like picking up garbage that we see even though it is not ours. We should not only try to keep our environment clean but in other countries we visit. Our atmosphere could be really damage and our world will get hotter, there would be less air, and the trees will die. So we don’t want that to happen. It is not too late we still can make a difference.

I really love nature and everything there is in nature like the birds when they sing, the rushing waters in rivers, creeks and lakes, the noise of the wind, and all the little animals you can find in the wild. I especially like the colourful attracting birds like the scarlet macaws, blue jays, toucans, and parrots.

And I would really prefer to be an eco kid more than anything else.  As an eco kid I would really make a change and help the environment. If I was an eco kid I would try to recycle, try not to burn garbage, and recycle and would like to go and tell people and farmers not to cut colourful plants and trees and especially not to take hunting like a sport.

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