Eco Kids Summer Camp = Unforgettable Experience for Kids

My name is Holiday Bogaert, I live in Central Farm Cayo district, I am eleven years old, and  I want to go Chaa Creek summer camp to learn more about Mayan’s and new ways to help Belize.

Gardening has always been a hobby of mine, and I have heard so much about Chaa Creek garden. I would love to have the adventure and experience of going to your summer camp. If I am accepted, it will be the first time that I will go to a summer camp.

I am glad this is free, because I will be not able to afford this camp. I have heard so much about this camp from my best friend Jasmin who went last year and I am so excited. I hope you will accept me, because I would really love to go to Chaa Creek summer camp for the first time, and it will be the best time of my life because I have never seen Chaa Creek or been closed to it.

I would like to go and make new friends and memories. I also want to learn about the three r’s reuse reduce recycle. I also want to learn how to to ride horses. If I do go, I hope I can stay in a cabin with my best friends Jasmin and Carmellie. I have never slept in the cabin before, but I really want to sleep in one.

My other Kaitlyn also went last year and got named nicest camper which suits her and I will like to go to learn how to survive and learn how to help Belize and I will like you to know that I am a quick learner and really want to go to learn how to be an eco kid.and I would like to go  and spend time with girls my age. also I would like to go because I heard that is the best summer camp ever.

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