Summer Vacation Kids’ Camps

I want to be an eco-kid for many reasons first of all I want to experience the outdoors and most of the activities you listed in your letter and secondly I am a kid and we kids like to run around and try new things, well some of us like it.

The second reason is I would like to visit chaa creek and the environment I live in is not adequate for us kids to play in because sometimes some kids especially the small ones like to get  in the drain and play and sometimes it is dirty. For me to be an eco-kid would mean that I would have an experience of outdoors and I can teach others about it. Like I said in the beginning there are many reasons why I want to be an eco-kid by the way my name is Uzziah Jamiz Chen  and I am 11 years old I will be 12 years in August 2nd.

The activity I would like to try is night hiking and also looking forward to eating at the restaurant every day. I hope that I am one of the 12 kids that are chosen to go to chaa creek because I would be the happiest person on earth. That’s just an expression though and I would also look forward to bond with the rest of the kids and also like to make friends with all the kids and to get to know them very well in a week.

I also heard that this is has something to do with ecological things like the environment and other stuff. I hope you can get my letter in time and choose me to go from chaa creek. I live in Benque so I don’t know where chaa creek I so thanks and goodbye.

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