Why We Should Protect Belize’s Environment

The environment is a magical and special place for humanity because without the environment we would not be here. The environment needs us and we need the environment because the environment is our home. So we can save the animal race and their habitat.  If we try our hardest we could save the world and even if we were working it wouldn’t be called work because it would be fun. 

We should help the environment by recycling; reusing, reducing .some of the ways we can help is carpooling throwing garbage in its proper place, not burning garbage, planting more tree, using less electricity ,and more solar power. If we do not keep our environment clean it would no longer be a beautiful and special place to life our life. To be an eco kid you have to be loyal to the earth and to help to restore the natural beauty of the world and save some species in danger of extinction.

The cities and countries are causing the environment bigger harm than the villages. There are some places around the world that do not even have plants, so we must give thanks that we have beautiful and healthy trees growing in our environment . Fertilise our plants with compost and you can even reuse old plastic bins and tin cans you can even walk to places to burn less fuel and exercise more and with more exercise you will have more energy to help the plants to be green and beautiful. Because of global warming, the sun is getting very hotter and the plants wither and die. Sometimes we get sick of that. So we can help by avoid burning garbage, we can recycle paper buy shredding them and doing arts with it.  For these reasons and more, I want to be an Eco kid.

Name: Crystal Cal

School:  Sacred Heart R. C.

Age: 12

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