Chaa Creek’s National Geo nod as world’s best

Belize’s premier rainforest eco resort, The Lodge at Chaa Creek has been featured as one of the National Geographic top ten Best Adventure Destinations for 2012”.

The recent announcement states, “Just when it seemed impossible to find untrammelled singletrack in Europe or snorkel uncharted waters in Australia, we’re here to remind you that optimism pays off,” and continues to say that events “ can make a well-travelled planet feel full of new frontiers again. Here are the best adventure destinations for 2012,” before giving a description of Chaa Creek.

Under the heading, Go Now, The article notes Chaa Creek’s idyllic location between the important ancient Maya cities of Caracol and Tikal before describing the many adventures and activities available within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre nature reserve. It also mentions Chaa Creek’s Maya Winter Solstice 2012 adventure vacation package with classes on folklore, music, medicinal plants, farming techniques, and cooking including traditional cacao preparation as well as canoe excursions to ceremonial caves, snorkelling the Belize Great Barrier Reef, Maya spa treatments and other Maya cultural adventures.

“To be recognised by National Geographic as one of the top ten destinations in the entire world, well, that pretty much says it all,” Chaa Creek owner and GM Lucy Fleming said. “As lifelong travellers and having been in adventure travel for over three decades, we naturally recognise National Geographic as the world’s top travel authority. To be recognised by an organisation and publication we hold in such high esteem is truly an honour.”

Lucy and her husband Mick Fleming started Chaa Creek in the late 1970s as a family farm. They and their 130 staff members just celebrated Chaa Creek’s 30th anniversary as Belize’s first eco resort last September.

Situated along the banks of the Macal River Chaa Creek’s private nature reserve contains over 70 Maya archaeological sites and the ancient Maya temple of Tunichilen. The reserve abounds in wildlife and over 300 species of birds, and offers guided nature walks, hiking, horseback and mountain bike riding along miles of jungle and grassland trails and canoeing along the Macal River.

Accommodations range from lovely thatched roof cottage rooms and luxury Jacuzzi villas set in tropical gardens to more rustic private bungalows at the Macal River Camp, and amenities include a renowned restaurant, jungle lounge, conference centre, spa, Hilltop Butterfly Farm, The Natural History Centre, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, the Maya organic Farm, pool and stables.

“This recognition from National Geographic makes us realise how far we’ve come in 30 years,” Ms Fleming said, “It’s really the best icing you could wish for on your birthday cake.”

Photograph by Michael Dietrich, Alamy

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3 thoughts on “Chaa Creek’s National Geo nod as world’s best”

  1. Congrats Chaa Creek! As your GM says, that kind of recognition from National Geographic pretty much says it all.
    I mean, if it’s adventurous enough for National Geographic, it’s adventurous enough for me.
    Hats off to the management and staff at Chaa Creek for doing something special.


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