Ai Carina Uemura and Thelma Aoyama Vacation in Belize

This week we had the privilege of hosting two of Japan’s most acclaimed R&B Singers and Rappers. They were at Chaa Creek to film a TV Show entitled “The Danga Traveler” which is  about two accomplished popular musicians who were childhood friends and after many years of not seeing each other, they decided to vacation in Belize because of its absolute beauty, wonderful weather and friendly atmosphere.

The names of the two celebrities are Ai Carina Uemura and Thelma Aoyama.

Ai Carina Uemura is an R&B singer and rapper under EMI Music Japan – one of Japan’s leading music companies. Ms. Uemura was the first female artist to sing to Def Jam in Japan and has gone on to enormous success, selling 3.5 million downloads of her 2005 hit “Story” and playing to 100,000 fans on her 2008 tour, that also took place in El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles.

A.I. also performed with the Jacksons ( brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine) for Michael Jackson’s Tribute in Japan and just last year she started to record tracks with them. According to her, Japan was one of Michael Jackson’s favorite places in the world since he always felt much love from his millions of fans there.

Thelma Aoyama on the other hand is  Afro-Trinidadian and Japanese and is probably best known for her collaboration song with SoulJa, “Koko ni Iru yo”, and her answer songSoba ni Iru ne“. In September 2008, the Guinness World Records certified that “Soba ni Iru ne” became the best-selling digital download single in Japan with over two million “full-track” downloads (Chaku Uta Full).

The TV Show “The Danga Traveler” will air on Friday night and has over 22 million viewers in Tokyo alone.

If you are not familiar with the music of these two popular singers, check out the following videos below:

Thelma Aoyama – Fall In Love Feat. Tae Yang

Story – Ai Relaxing Piano

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