A Message to Belize from Prince Harry of Wales

The following letter was written to the Governor General and the People of Belize by Prince Harry while en route to The Bahamas:

“Thank you for such a warm and friendly welcome to such a beautiful country. In only 23 hours, I feel as though I have seen so much of Belize through the thousands of people who lined the way. I am hugely grateful for the very happy memories, and I’m very sad to leave. I will pass on your good wishes to my grandmother, our Queen, on her Diamond Jubilee.

Tenk yu,
[‘Thank you’ in Kriol]


The Prince was in Belize as part of a Diamond Jubilee tour in honor of his grandmother’s, Queen Elizabeth II, 60 years on the throne. During the Prince’s visit he explored the ancient Maya temple of Xunantunich, attended a massive citywide block party held in his honour at Belmopan, the nation’s capital, where he also conducted the naming service for Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard.

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What are your thoughts on his message? Do you think he will return to Belize? Would love to hear from you if you leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “A Message to Belize from Prince Harry of Wales”

  1. I am so thankful for another one of Her Royal Majesty family has come to
    Belize again. The Prince heart was touched and I believe He will be back to this beautiful jewel of ours.


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