A Regal Plume of Feathers Sighted at Chaa Creek

There  is a vigilant observer  below the forest canopy displaying a regal plume of yellow feathers.

Each individual species of bird has it’s particular intrigue, personality and specific distinctions that separate it and make it different from all other birds.

In the case of the Yellow Throated Euphonia its movements are quick and erratic. The movements almost seem like involuntary twitches but upon closer observation one realizes this rapid movement of head jolts and posture changes is very much intended. With its regal yellow breast and heightened alertness this magnificent bird exerts an air of control and vigilance over its surroundings.

The yellow- throated euphonia reaches a size of approximately 11 centimeters. Their habitat is from the midlevel to the canopy of the rainforest and they are also found in open areas with scattered trees, including villages, towns and along the edges of broadleaf forests. They greatly enjoy perching on flowering and fruit trees.

The yellow- throated euphonia is a resident species ranging from southern Tamaulipas to western Panama.

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