Barton Creek Cave – A Beautiful and Unusual Cave Destination

Belize’s Barton Creek Cave has been listed as one of Nine Most beautiful and unusual cave destinations by Mother Nature Network.

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In the article entitled “9 of the world’s most beautiful and unusual cave destinations”  the Barton Creek Cave was described as follows:

Another underground waterway that makes it on to many tourists’ itineraries is theBarton Creek Cave in the Central American nation of Belize. This cave was considered the “underworld” by the ancient Mayans who inhabited the area and was used as a burial place. Human remains can still be found inside the cave. It is this unique history and Barton’s amazing rock formations that make it one of the more interesting of all of Central America’s underground attractions. Barton is located in the Cayo District, a region of Belize known for its eco-tourism. Tour companies offer guided canoe cruises through the cave. Truly adventurous travelers can swim in the cave’s waters. The  unusual nature of these underground waterways makes Barton an attractive caving option, but it is the cave’s spectacular domed chambers that earn it a place alongside the world’s best cave destinations.

To read the full article, go to 9 of the world’s most beautiful and unusual cave destinations and to read an Archaeological Report on Barton Creek Cave, go to A Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigations at Barton Creek Cave.

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