Why Should You Care About the Environment?

By Vishal  Bagani ( 9 years old)

Everyone in today’s world is worried about the environment. There are so many differences in opinion about what to save, what to bulldoze and what animals are becoming endangered. So how can we save ourselves from the fiery feuds and uprisings regarding this subject? Well, for starters, if there’s no environment to live in, people won’t have too much to complain about or attempt to save. .

Humans have been known to flock to sandy beaches, so wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely if the entire world was one large area to build giant sand castles? Reckless application of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides pollutes the soil. Vegetables and fruits are quite injurious today, because they contain the poison of insecticides and pesticides.

There are many environmental issues facing our world today. If I were given a year to improve the earths environment I would focus on one issue the world faces today, it is our dependence on oil. This dependence we have is so strong we have started wars, killed and deceived people for oil. I think it is time we do something about it and try and find an alternative form of energy. Because soon this problem will be too much for us to handle and by then it will be too late. However, offshore drilling is devastating to the environment in several ways. As a result of the equipment and methods used to extract the oil, high levels of pollution are released into the atmosphere, disturbing nearby ecosystems.

Furthermore, organisms and animals in the areas surrounding the drilling are susceptible to many of the negative side effects of the process. Thus, it is evident that the negative environmental impacts of offshore drilling greatly outweigh any possible economic benefits. Secondly, the high level of drilling is consistently depleting the earth’s supply of many natural resources.

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