A Single Thought Can Make a Change

Narimi Itzab (12 years)

I want to be an eco kid so I can learn effective ways on how to care for Mother Earth. By learning these ways, I can help to make my community a cleaner and healthier place to live in. By becoming an eco kid, I will equip myself with the knowledge I need to know how to better care for growing plants and to protect the animals and their habitats. By being an eco kid, I could be given a life learning experience. I would be exposed to life skills that can never be learnt in a classroom. If given the opportunity of becoming an eco kid, I will become aware of the balanced existence between humanity and natural resources.

I want to be an eco kid, so that I could inform the other people how to protect the environment, so to make Belize cleaner and friendlier. Especially to help my family, so that they could be proud of me.

I will show appreciation to the neighboring animals. I want to be an eco kid so that I could learn more about nature and the planet itself. I want to be an eco kid because I will be better motivated in appreciating life itself.

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