Glaphimia Glauca – Nature’s Droplets of Gold

Have you seen the Golden showers of the Glaphimia Glauca? Commonly known as the Golden Thryallis, this radiant flower can add to the “beauty of perfection” to your own garden of Eden. What makes this flower unique is its golden yellow petals with brightness of sun.

Native to the  tropical regions of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, the Golden Thryallis blooms all year round and is a fast growing plant that can reach to a height of 4-5 feet tall.

The branches of the Golden Thryallis exhibit an attractive color of rusty reddish brown creating a charming background for the flowers.

The slender branches form an interior network while the outer branches appear loose and open displaying the winsome flowers. The flowers are small, erect, and glabrous and grow up to 1.5 meters high whilst the leaves are glossy green with rounded tips and grow up to 3 cm.

The Golden Thryallis can be planted easily by means of cuttings or seeds and according to many Florists, the flowers are perfect for making bouquets or decorating a yard.

Furthermore this phenomenal shower of Gold is not only a beautiful flower but also a form of medicine . It can be used for asthma, mental disorders, allergies, and as a sedative and tranquillizer.

Photography by Naturalist Guide Selwyn Bol

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