Let Us Save the Environment

By Roben Harrison (10 yrs)

I would like to be an eco kid and start to preserve the environment if I want to have the basic things like clean drinking water for the rest of my life.  There are a lot of things we are doing wrong. I was watching the news about the forest being cut down near Caracol by Guatemalans.  That is bad because it is like losing life, as it gives off oxygen that we need to live.

I want to spread the news about going green and keeping the environment clean. When I see people wasting water I think about the people who don’t have water. I want to try to conserve water.In my backyard I planted a mango tree and watermelon plants to see if they grow. If they grow, then I will try planting other fruits and vegetables that we could eat at home.  It is better to have your own garden and have healthy things because it will be fresh and not something from a can with lots of things that are not good for us.

I also care about marine life. When I heard about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico I was so devastated. I felt sorry for all the animals that died and the animals who were injured.  I saw on television that an organization was cleaning animals that were covered with oil.  I really wish I could help the animals who got covered with oil.

The trees by the Macal River are disappearing and we are having deforestation.  People understand that the trees give oxygen and if they cut them down they will suffocate.   I really want to join an organization that helps conserve the environment. I want to do my part in changing Belize and saving the world.

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