Make a Difference + Keep Earth Beautiful + Keep Nature Beautiful

By Chelsea Young ( 12 years old)


I want to be an eco-kid because I like this planet, but lately I have started to not like if so much. The earth is supposed to be beautiful, but with all the garbage on our streets, in the drains, and on the sidewalks, it is a little – no, not a little, a lot less beautiful. When we leave garbage everywhere, people will not want to visit our city. That will bring down our tourism and hurt our economy.

We throw out all kinds of things, and a major one is PLASTIC!  Do you know how long it takes to decompose? Me neither, but that’s not the real point, we need to RECYCLE. Do I have to spell it out for you?  R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.

Now let’s talk about cars. Did you know that the exhaust from cars can deplete the ozone layer? If the ozone layer is gone, it can’t protect us from the sun’s radiation. The sun is so hot, if we don’t have an ozone layer, the sun’s radiation will slowly (well maybe not so slowly), burn our earth to DUST.

If we would all just recycle instead of throwing our garbage on the streets, there would be no pollution from burning garbage. If you throw garbage in our waters, it will pollute the water. If fish happen to eat this garbage, they will die! If they die, we will not have any fish to eat, but you don’t care, do you?

I want to be an eco-kid to make a difference. Other kids should want to be eco-kids too. I don’t see why not! If one out of every two people make a difference by cleaning up our streets and using their cars a lot less often, the planet would become a cleaner, prettier, healthier place.

Always remember, no matter how small you are, or capable you are, you CAN make a difference!

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