Why I like to protect the Environment

By: Bianca Narvaez, 10 years old

The following is a submission of one of our applicants to this year’s Chaa Creek Eco Kids Summer Camp.

Officially known as the Children’s Summer Camp Scholarship Program, the annual event gives 24 young Belizeans between the ages of 8 and 13 a chance to learn about their natural world through a mix of adventure, social interaction, fun and hands-on education aimed at instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for the environment.

The Eco Kids are selected after submitting a 300 word written essay which is reviewed and shortlisted by the Chaa Creek scholarship committee with the winners going on to attend the summer camp.

Chaa Creek will be providing all lodging, three healthy meals and snacks each day, structured educational activities, arts and craft materials, tee shirts, 24-hour camp counselor supervision, and guided tours conducted by licensed naturalist guides.

Good luck potential Eco Kids!

Why I like to protect the Environment

Eco Kids Summer Camp

Hi my name is Bianca Narvaez I am ten years old and I am going to tell you why I like to protect the environment! I like to protect the environment because it is really special to me, we live in the environment and we need to make sure we keep it clean and safe.

One of the things we can do to protect the environment is to reuse and recycle paper we can also recycle bottles and use them as water bottles or even better make arts and crafts with them. You can also be creative while being eco friendly by just going outside look for: a leaf on the ground that you really like best and write or draw something on it. I mostly like to protect the environment because of the animals. We actually get a lot of food from them.

I like to inspect bugs because it is really fun. Once I hiked up then miles maybe a little bit less. I have been hiking many times but I’ve never been at a summer camp in the jungle. I have always wanted to learn more about plants due to that fact that I love the topic science. I never did want to do this but my mom convinced me by saying how much fun this would be! so I told her that I will do it! My mom works at an eco friendly resort so does my dad. That is how I know so much about being an eco friendly kid. Last time for easter my teacher told us we will be doing easter baskets out of recycled bottles. There are lots of things you can do to be eco friendly and I want to learn more in a fun way!

I want to see how it is do a real camp out! Please pick me I love being an eco friendly kid and I want to learn more.

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