Why I’m heading to Belize this summer – again


I just wrote a friend that I’m heading back down to Belize this summer, and she replied surprised. “Why are you going someplace you’ve already been? Why not save your money and do something in the US? Or if you want to go overseas, why not go someplace different?”

I e-mailed her my reasons why, and thought I’d share them here, just in case anyone else is looking for summer vacation ideas.

First of all, I’ve done the math, and I don’t think I’d save any money by holidaying up here. We did it the year before last, and after the gas, admissions to parks and other attractions, eating out and everything else, we spent a lot more than we’d budgeted for.

Last year, we booked an all-inclusive Belize vacation package at Chaa Creek, and after we got home, we were pleasantly surprised at how much (little) we spent. When was the last time that happened to you?

We got a pretty good deal on the flights, and since it was only an hour and a half from Houston, you don’t mind economy seating, and it was a painless trip all around.

We arrived at the melodically named Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize, and were immediately greeted by our driver, who turned out to be an excellent guide during the air-conditioned and interesting trip to San Ignacio and Chaa Creek. We learned so much on the way that it was like having a local friend of a friend pick you up and introduce you to the place.

Then, after being greeted with a cold drink and lots of warm smiles we relaxed in our beautiful thatched roof cottage room, with the exotic  jungle sounds all around us, and soon enough the fun began.

The following days were full and yet completely relaxing. Things like horseback riding, canoeing, and exploring the amazingly well preserved ancient Maya temples in the area were interspersed with the luxurious laziness of just lounging around the pool, swinging in the hammocks on our own veranda, relaxing in the Jacuzzi or just hanging out in the Jungle Lounge and swapping stories with other guests. I really enjoyed the Maya Medicinal Plant trail while she thought a massage in the Hilltop Spa was the highlight of that day.

The point is, we had an incredible time, were never bored, and from landing in Belize to being dropped back off at the airport didn’t spend a penny extra except for a few cocktails, beers and a bottle of wine. We arrived back home with the credit card unbruised. Compared to the year before, it was a huge relief.

So when you consider that we had an exotic summer vacation in beautiful Belize filled with incredible experiences, stunning scenery and exquisite food and then came home tan and healthy with money still in the bank, you’ll see why I’m such a fan, and would without a minute’s hesitation recommend Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages to anyone – once you actually experience one you realise what a great holiday deal they are.

So yes, this summer we’re going back, and this time we’re taking one of Chaa Creek’s Rainforest-to-Reef packages, so we’ll get to see Belize’s stunning Caribbean and check out the Belize Great Barrier Reef, snorkel the famous Blue Hole, do some sea kayaking and spend the evenings eating lobster, drinking piña coladas and dancing barefoot in the sand Caribbean nightlife style. This way, splitting our time between the rainforest and Caribbean cayes we get two vacations in one, and again, all within the one set price that includes accommodation at both resorts, all the meals, transfers, activities – everything. Even tips for the staff and all taxes are covered, so it’s service with a smile and nothing to calculate or worry about.

You can’t put a price on an amazing experience like Belize. But you can check your bank balance when you get home, and if there’s a smile on your face, well, that’s some great icing on a delicious cake.

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