Mexico and Belize Trade Growth Shows you can have it both ways

Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Mexico and Belize Trade Growth Shows you can have it both ways


A delegation of companies from Mexico has been in Belize since June 6 to meet with their Belizean counterparts to strengthen trade and general goodwill.

Representatives from our own BELTRAIDE, which promotes trade and investment in Belize, have been meeting with members of Mexico’s equivalent, ProMexico, to exchange ideas on developing and promoting various goods and services.

Why do we care?

It’s interesting as an example of Belize’s continual growth since achieving independence in 1981 (the same year Chaa Creek made the transition from family farm to hosting guests and promoting eco-tourism). It’s difficult to balance the economic development so necessary for a developing country with the environmental sustainability Belize has been committed to, but events like this show that it is working.

For example, take this quote from Marco Antonio Lopez, the Economic Affairs representative from the Mexican Embassy:

“During the last ten years the commerce between Mexico and Belize has doubled. Ten years ago it was about $60 Million US dollars and the last years it’s almost $140 Million dollars so the commerce/trade between the two countries has been growing within the last ten years.

More than doubled…Those are good figures by any measure, and show the vibrancy of Belize’s economy. To be able to grow an economy while looking after the environment and fostering green industries such as eco-tourism and seaweed farming (see our blog of June 4 “Chaa Creek Hails New Seaweed Farming Venture in Belize ) is, we feel, a triumph for a relatively new, small nation in today’s challenging world.

Meetings such as this also point to the strong ties between Belize and her neighbours in the Central American and the Caribbean regions, where Belize is uniquely placed as a member of both.

If you want to read more about trade and investment in Belize check out the recently launched “Invest Belize” magazine. There’s an online version at makes for interesting reading and shows that, yes, there is a future for those of us committed to Green, environmentally sustainable practices and responsible tourism.


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