Belize International Film Festival a Cinematic and Cultural Success

The lights have gone up on the 8th annual Belize International Film Festival, bringing to a close four days of independent film industry networking and the showing of films from around the world, further cementing Belize’s reputation as something more than just a pretty face – the little country is maturing into a cultural and artistic powerhouse in the region and the world. BIFF Logo

This year’s festival kicked off on July 12 and had close to 50 entries from all over the globe, with winners spanning the globe from Canada and Holland to Australia, which took best Feature Length Narrative with Ivan Sen’s “Toomelah”.

“Maroons: Africans on the Move,” won the Most Notable Belizean Film category and CEBU, from Cuba, won Best Short Film.

All, in all, it’s safe to say that the BIFF was truly an international affair, and congratulations must go out to the organisers for putting together such a successful cultural coup. 

This year’s winners of the BIFF CONCHSHELL AWARD in the following categories, were:

1. Best Feature Length Narrative
Winner: TOOMELAH (Australia, 2011) by Dir: Ivan Sen
Special Jury Mention – HOME AGAIN (Canada, 2012) by Dir. Sudz Sutherland

2. Best Feature Length Documentary
Winner: THE ABOMINABLE CRIME (Jamaica, Holland, UK, Canada, 2013) by Dir. Micah Fink
Special Jury Mention – SEPARATED (Australia, Spain, 2012) by Dir. Natalie Halla

3. Best Short Film
Winner: CEBU (Cuba, 2012) by Dir. Pablo Belaubre

4. Best Short Documentary Film
Winner: AGAPE: Story of a Dream (Spain, Thailand 2012) Dir. Carlos Quiles

5. Most Notable Belizean Film (in the Festival)
Winner: MAROONS: Africans on the Move (Belize 2013) Dir: Michael Flores

6. Best Music Video
Winner #1 – COME AWAY by Dir. Ben Hudson
Artist: Melonie Gillett / Label: Metamorph Creatives, Starbase Films
Winner #2 – EX-BOYFRIEND by Dir. Carlo Habet
Artist: Tanya Carter / Label: I Am Music / BiG Pikcha Films

The Jury for the 2013 Belize Film Festival consisted of President, US/British Producer Sanford Lieberson, Cuban Filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez and American actor Erika Alexander. The Festival was organized by NICH under the direction of the Coordinator of the Film And Media Arts Unit within ICA, Suzette Zayden. More information is available by emailing –  [email protected].

Congratulations to the winners and organisers, and we’re all looking forward to next year!

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