Birding in Belize with the bare throated Tiger-Heron

Birding in Belize with the bare throated Tiger-Heron

Bare throated tiger-Heron

The tiny Central American country of Belize rests on one of the world’s most vibrant biological corridors stretching between the Neoartic and Neotropical regions. The varied topography and vegetation of mother nature’s best kept secret makes Belize abundantly rich in a variety of ecosystems that provide sustainable habitats for an enormous number of local and migratory bird species.

Choosing the proper guide who knows the terrain is the key to a successful bird watching in Belize, according to Chaa Creek birding expert.

Naturalist guide Miguel Choco said with such a wealth of avian wildlife in Belize, finding bird is easy. But finding the birds you want is where experience and expertise comes in.

“Belize is definitely birding heaven, with over 308 species recorded in the Chaa Creek nature reserve alone,” Mr Choco said. “Even people not generally interested in birding soon become fans just by walking along the miles of trails and spotting the toucans, parrots, falcons and other birds that make their homes here.

One such specie of birds is the bare throated Tiger-Heron, scientifically known as Tigrisoma mexicanum. This specie of heron is approximately 30 inches. It has a very slow, lumbering flight and a heavyset neck.

It can be found on marshes, lagoons, streamside, swamps and forest. Frequently perches in open, either on the ground or on a tree. It is resident specie in lowland and foothills from Northern Mexico to Honduras. In Belize it is a locally fairly common resident at low elevation on mainland and at Ambergris Caye San Pedro.

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