Chaa Creek Remembers 9/11


Although years have passed since that dreadful day in September when the previously unthinkable happened, the pain is still fresh in the minds and souls of so many people around the world. Even here in Belize, surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty and the serenity that come with it, we can’t help but be affected each year when the events of that day come rushing back.

All we can do is attempt to join the rest of the world in reaching out to the survivors, families and everyone affected by that tragedy with feelings of love and any sense of comfort and support that comes with knowing that even in the most remote parts of the world, people are thinking of you and wishing you as much peace and closure as possible.

Events like this make us realise that we are all one part of a global family and hopefully strengthens our collective resolve to work towards peaceful solutions and better understanding of each other so that we all move towards a future where words replace weapons and tolerance overcomes tyranny.

They may say that we’re dreamers, but we’re very sure that we’re not the only ones…

With sincere best wishes for peace from the management and staff at Chaa Creek.

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