Guests give back through Pack-a-Pound program in Belize

Guests give back through Pack-a-Pound program in Belize

Pack a pound program in Belize Chaa Creek
Program coordinator Denise Duran with students of Holy Cross primary school in Calla Creek Village, Cayo District, Belize

What is an ecotourism destination without sustainable practices? at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, our guests immerse themselves in our sustainable tourism ethos. If you love the gift of giving, you will love Chaa Creek’s initiative of including our guests in giving back to the community.

Program coordinator and assistant guest services manager at Chaa Creek, Denise Duran, visited the Calla Creek primary school along with Emil Bradley to deliver school supplies donated by our past guests.

Our Pack-a-Pound initiative gives Chaa Creek’s guests an opportunity to donate school supplies to classrooms in Belize. The procedure to donate to this cause entails sending school supplies to Chaa Creek via mail, Chaa Creek would gather school supplies, pack them off by pound and then distribute to the schools and students who need it most.

School supplies that can be sent include but are not limited to: Age appropriate story books in English, Age appropriate story books in Spanish, Arts and crafts materials, Coloured construction paper, Coloured pencils, Maps, Notebooks, Solar calculators, Used textbooks for teachers, Water-colour paint brushes.

If you would like to donate to this cause kindly contact our program coordinator Denise Duran at [email protected] or call us directly to +501-834-4009. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated by teachers and students who receive these school supplies!

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