Why Wait for Summer? It’s Ready Now at Belize’s Chaa Creek

Why Wait for Summer? It’s Ready Now at Belize’s Chaa Creek


More and more people are taking advantage of a new vacation phenomenon. Rather than waiting for summer to arrive, they’re using modern technology to enjoy it now, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

The Belizean eco resort’s marketing administrator, Roberto Harrison, said he’s come to believe that waiting for summer has become a thing of the past, as affordable air travel, more flexible working arrangements and the internet have made seasons almost obsolete.

“I started hearing people saying ‘we’re taking our summer vacations now’ in the middle of the winter, and just heard the same statement again today. It’s occurred to me that seasons are almost becoming obsolete in today’s world,” Mr Harrison said.

“If you want to enjoy swimming, diving, hiking, or just lounging by the pool or in a hammock reading a good book, why wait? And the more we speak with our guests, the more people are doing this; taking their summer vacations when they feel like it, not when it’s mandated like in days gone by,” he said.

Mr Harrison said that more flexible working arrangements, coupled with the fact that the Internet allows people to conduct business or stay in touch from remote places has greatly changed the holiday scene.

“It makes perfect sense to go on vacation when you, or you and your family or partner want to. Some people will be having a dreary month and wish they could be barefoot and relaxed, and that may be just the thing they need.

“We see families work out lesson plans with teachers, so the kids don’t miss anything. In fact, they’ve had valuable life experiences that enhanced their education.

“The same goes for workers. Often people will return to the job more invigorated with a better, relaxed attitude, to the benefit of their work and their fellow employees,” he said.

Mr Harrison said Belize’s close proximity to North America makes it an ideal getaway any time of year. “There’s no jet lag if you’re coming from North America, so you actually gain a day, as you’re ready to go the moment we pick you up. Our 365 acre secure private nature reserve with miles of trails has horseback riding, mountain biking, canoeing, swimming and a vast range of activities, so your summer vacation begins with us picking you up at the airport and just kicks in from there.

“It’s instant summer!”

Chaa Creek offers all-inclusive Belize vacation packages catering to a range of activities, from ancient Maya and rainforest exploration to visiting the Belize Great Barrier Reef and other Caribbean island attractions, or guests may simply choose from a variety of accommodation, from luxury suits used by the English Royal Family to more budget accommodation, giving them full access to the Belize eco resorts’ nature reserve.

Belize also enjoys a year round comfortable tropical climate. The average yearly temperature is 84° F (29°C) with little variation from month to month.

“Right now in mid-March it’s a pleasant 80°F around the pool, which to me would be a nice summer day, and people are enjoying cool drinks and swimming around, so once again I say, what’s summer have over that, and why wait?” Mr Harrison said, noting that temperatures for April and May are only slightly higher.

He also made the point that by taking a summer vacation outside the “normal” summer month people avoid crowds, delays and in recent years, excessive heat.

“There’s no doubt we live in a changing world, and one of the big benefits I see is that we’re no longer dependent on the time of year for a great Belize summer vacation. You want an excellent stress-buster? Have a great summer vacation in the dreary months and show up with the first tan of the season.

“It’s pretty cool,” he added.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is an award winning eco resort set within a 365 acre private nature reserve in Belize.

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