New US Ambassador to Belize: Carlos Moreno

New US Ambassador to Belize


We’re happy to follow up our Blog of 22 October 2013, Chaa Creek Welcomes New US Ambassador to Belize with the good news that retired California Supreme Court judge Carlos R. Moreno has been unanimously confirmed by the US Congress as the new US ambassador to Belize.

While we don’t know Ambassador-designate Moreno personally, his impressive record and his personal history would seem to make him an excellent choice for the job, and indicates that the Obama administration takes the US relationship with Belize seriously.

You can read all about him in last year’s blog post, but to recap briefly, Mr Moreno is a former federal district judge who also served on California’s state Supreme Court.

Prior to serving on California’s highest court, Mr Moreno had been appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California by then President Bill Clinton. He has also served in California on the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the Compton Municipal Court.

As for his personal history, Mr Moreno is the son of a Mexican immigrant mother who arrived in the US “with few skills and no resources after the death of his father”.  Spanish was the first language at home, and he was the first member of his family to continue his education past high school.

After high school Mr Moreno went on to graduate from Yale University in 1970, and then from the prestigious Stanford law school in 1975. From there he became the Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. From there his impressive career progressed to California Supreme Court Judge.

And now, once he presents his credentials to the Governor-General, he’s officially the US Ambassador to Belize.

This won’t be Mr Moreno’s first trip to Belize, and he’s previously said that he’s interested in Maya archaeology and seeing more of the country, so we expect that he’ll settle in nicely, and we wish him all the best during in his time in Belize.

On behalf of the management and staff of Chaa Creek, welcome and bienvenido, Mr Ambassador.

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