New Flights to Belize from Chicago!

New Flights to Belize from Chicago!

New Flights from Chicago to Belize!

Chicago’s citizens enjoy the best Blues music scene in the world, and they’ll no doubt be adding Punta Rock and Paranda to their musical libraries now that Belize just got closer to the Windy City. 


Yes, United Airlines recently announced that it is expanding its air service from Chicago to Belize with new direct flights opening on December 20 2014.


The company said it is adding flights from Chicago’s O Hare airport to Philip Goldson International in Belize City, with a Saturday service scheduled to run through to May 2015, depending on government approval.

Great news for visitors from the Windy City, as well as the substantial Belizean diaspora living in the Chicago area.

With Delta Airline’s direct Los Angeles to Belize City flights that began last year, and joining American and Continental Airlines as well as USAir ways and TACA servicing Belize from Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York and Los Angeles, and given the close proximity of Belize to major North American hubs, paradise keeps getting closer for our American friends.

Who can remember those early days when it was Miami or New Orleans? And then good luck getting out to Cayo that same day, with hitchhiking generally more reliable than bus service or the barely roadworthy taxis of the era.

Now, one can have breakfast in a variety of US and Canadian cities, enjoy lunch in Belize, and be all ready for one of those exquisite Chaa Creek dinners after a few welcome cocktails and a swim. All in the same day and without breaking into a sweat.

And, while at Chaa Creek, after breakfast you can catch a flight at nearby Maya Flats and be in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye for lunch. Pretty amazing stuff…

In other breaking good news, The Latin American Monitor reports that stronger tourist arrivals, mostly from the US, are driving an accelerated GDP growth in Belize for 2014.

And that was before the announcement of new direct flights.

The Monitor also states that “We believe that labour market gains in the US are likely to provide US citizens, who make up 65.0% of total arrivals in Belize, with increased disposable income to spend on travel.

For a tourism sector that’s only existed since 1981 when Belize became independent, with a miniscule marketing budget and while remaining fiercely pro-environment, things continue to look up. As we keep saying, Belize is much more than just a pretty face. Grab a convenient flight and come down to see for yourself.

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