Belize Athletes for the Commonwealth Games Announced

Belize Athletes for the Commonwealth Games Announced

With the 2014 Commonwealth Games on the horizon, host Glasgow is busily ironing kilts and preparing venues while the National Olympic Committee confirms the events and names of  athletes who will be contending.


Get ready Belize!


Yes, sports lovers, it has been announced that Belize will compete in five events at the games, ably represented by Katy Sealy in the Heptathlon and Kaina Martinez in the 100-meter and 200-meter female races. Mark Anderson will represent Belize in the mens’ sprints, with Brandon Jones in the male triple and long jumps, and Kenneth Medwood competing in the 400-meter hurdle.

In Cycling we have Giovanni Lovell and Joel Borland contesting the road and time trial events, while Gregory Lovell and Chaa Creek’s very own Ron Vasquez will compete in road discipline.

Andrew Wigmore has his sights on the men trap shooting prize, while Tyrone Tun will compete in the table tennis men’s singles. Last but certainly not least, Kent Gabourel will participate in the triathlon.

All in all Belize will have 12 athletes competing in the Games, accompanied by six coaches and officials, all under the guidance of the Chief of Mission, Patrick Henry.

With just a few weeks to go before the commencement exercises of the July 23 to 3rd of August sporting extravaganza, excitement is building, and nowhere on earth are home grown athletes held in such high esteem as in Belize. No doubt many ears will be tuned to the radio and eyes glued to the television as local guys and gals pour their hearts out on the tracks and fields of Scotland.

No matter the outcome, we know Belize’s athletes will be doing their best while providing excellent role models for Belizean youth.

So good luck to Belize’s Dedicated Dozen, and rest assured your countrymen and women will be cheering you on every inch of the way.

Go Belize!

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