Market Day in San Ignacio: A Photo Tour!

Market Day in San Ignacio: A Photo Tour!

San Ignacio Farmers Market is the biggest in the country of Belize!

Local market days are great opportunities to experience Belizean life and color, and this is certainly true for Cayo where every Saturday the market area comes alive with its own multicultural blend of colors, sounds, flavors and foodstuffs. This is the day when farmers and almost everyone comes into San Ignacio town to buy, sell, trade, gossip and generally catch up. If you want to experience real Western Belize life, this is the place, and what a pleasant, heady experience it is.

In addition to local market staples such as fruits and vegetables, there are also dried fruits, homemade cereals and condiments, Maya herbal remedies, arts and crafts, clothing and tropical plants to be found. A number of local restaurants, bars and shops are all nearby, so this is the perfect opportunity to shop for a variety of things while absorbing the local color and discovering for yourself the easy-going friendly warmth of Belizeans.


Market Day in San Ignacio is one of the biggest in Belize!

Vendors from nearby and remote communities contribute to the melodic mix of Maya, Creole, English and Spanish while Mennonite farmers can be heard conversing in German.


A Local Musician playing his flute at the San Ignacio Market Day

A local musician playing the flute to entertain market day goers. He does this for free; be nice and leave him some change!

You can find many natural fruit juices including this Dragon Fruit Juice!

Natural Fruit Juices are found all over the market! On a hot sunny day, a Dragon Fruit Juice seen here drops heavenly! You can also find tambran, horchata, soursop, and sorrel juice just to name a few.


Organic Produce at Market Day in Belize!

If you like organic produce, you will love San Ignacio’s Market Day! While some are imported, a lot of them are grown in the surrounding towns & villages. Colorful, fresh & tasty – guaranteed!


Can't miss pupusas on market day in San Ignacio!

You cannot attend Market Day in San Ignacio and not eat PUPUSAS; It is a heavenly delight for many market goers. Pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of thick corn tortilla that is usually filled with cheese, cooked pork meat (called chicharon), beans or a mix of all. Do not miss this!


Newspaper vendor in San Ignacio highlights classic Belizean faces!Not to mention – have your camera handy to get awesome shots of classic Belizean faces.

Looking for gifts or souvenirs - Market Day does not disappoint.

Looking for gifts or accessories to take back home with you? Market Day in San Ignacio is short of none! There are cool handmade chains, bracelets, anklets & more!

Fresh Coconut Water to quench your thirst!

We all know what it’s like to be walking around on a hot summer day without rehydrating. What better way than to do so with fresh, cold Coconut Water! Besides being refreshing, it holds a lot of nutritional benefits for our bodies!


Hundreds of Stalls at Market Day in San Ignacio

There are over a hundred stalls you can buy from. You can find fruits, veggies, electronics, clothing, meats, food, gardening, hardware, & much more on Market Day in San Ignacio!


Exotic Fruits & Organic Produce at San Ignacio's Market Day

Other than having organic produce – market day in San Ignacio is also home to many exotic fruits you need to try. Guava, Starfruit, Caymito, Pitaya & more! 


All in all, the San Ignacio Farmers’ Market is where you want to be on a Saturday morning if you wish to witness the harmonious intermingling of Belize’s multiple cultures validating why Belize is known as a “melting pot of cultures”.

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