Pre-Christmas in Belize: Jungle Bells Inland Expedition

Pre-Christmas in Belize: Jungle Bells Inland Expedition


A stress free, relaxing and exciting holiday away from the crowds?

You better Belize it!


With another holiday season approaching we did some serious thinking about what we wanted to do this year. And with everyone in the family having their own ideas,  we started out by agreeing on what we didn’t want to do.

We didn’t want another frantic vacation trying to accommodate everyone’s wishes in a short amount of time. Invariably, some members of the family get stuck shopping, cooking, cleaning and generally working overtime to make sure everyone else is having a good time. Sometimes the desire to please conflicts with the desire to relax, and the holiday leaves us more drained than when it began.

We began looking at new options just as Chaa Creek announced the all new Jungle Bells Green Pre-Christmas all-inclusive Belize vacation package and finally we hit upon a holiday that everyone agreed on.

The affordable, all-inclusive Jungle Bells Belize vacation includes everything for a complete, carefree Belize vacation, including:

  • Round trip transfers from the International Airport or Belize City
  • A visit to the Belize Zoo upon arrival or departure
  • Lovely rustic-luxe accommodations
  • Complete healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Guided visits to the Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, and the Maya medicinal plant trail
  • Canoeing on the Macal River
  • Guided early morning bird watching
  • All transfers, gratuities and government taxes – there’s nothing more to pay (except for alcohol and soft drinks)

It makes perfect sense. Get away a bit early this year, avoid the rush while having a great time together doing new things in a tropical paradise, and then make it home just in time for Christmas – this year refreshed and rejuvenated for a change. With the vacation being the big present this year, all we’d need to do when we got home was decorate the tree, pull the stocking stuffers and other gifts out of the closet, sit back and put together a photo album of our jungle adventure together.

This sounds like the ultimate vacation, with canoe trips down the  Macal River, horseback, mountain biking or just walking through jungle trails, guided visits to Maya temple sites and caves, nature walks and the run of a secure 365 private nature reserve.  Our travel agent  painted a picture of lovely rustic-luxe accommodations, an excellent restaurant and lounge with fresh ingredients from the Maya organic farm and the nearby Caribbean, a butterfly farm, Natural History Centre, infinity pool, Maya medicinal plant trail and organic farm and even a professional Hilltop Spa.

And all of this in the middle of a vast rainforest surrounded by ancient Maya temples and cities.

It sounded almost too good to be true, especially when you consider that all this happens for one affordable set price with nothing else to buy, except of course alcohol and soft drinks. When we checked out the package,  and itemised everything we get for the money, it worked out to be about as much as we’d spend staying home. And someone else does all the work. Amazing.

So this year we’ll be doing things a little differently – getting away a week before Christmas, unwinding and reconnecting with nature and each other, getting tanned and healthy before the usual holiday hubbub.

After looking everything over and booking our tickets, we only had one question – why hasn’t someone thought of this earlier?

Happy Holidays. We’re looking forward to them this year! 

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