10 Photos And A Video You Won’t Belize!

10 Photos and a Video You Won’t Belize!


Who knew that 2014 had surprises left…turns out that the highlight of my year was just last week on a last minute trip to Belize. Belize has always been on my list, but it ended up being more than I could have ever hoped for! The people, history, culture, music, wildlife, BEACHES…. How can you not be stoked when within two hours of being in a new country you are swimming with green sea turtles, spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks. Belize it!

Enjoy these 10 photos and a video from my unBelizeable adventure…

1. Nightlife:

 I left my camera shutter open and to my amazement, this is what came out, just goes to show how deep our connections in Belize are.

Belize-Pictures 2

2. My alarm clock:

The only thing better than waking up to a Mayan sunrise is waking up to howler monkeys with a Mayan sunrise as the backdrop! Not only did I get to wake up to howler monkeys, but they also put me to sleep the night before with their soft growls heard throughout the jungle. Combine that with some owls and a few other creatures and you have quite the lullaby…

Belize-Pictues 3

3. You better Belize it!  

This was my first glimpse of Belize.

Belize-Pictues 4

4. Under the sea:

The snorkeling was just ridiculous, our group got to swim with green turtles, a dozen or more spotted eagle rays, eels, barracuda, a shiver of nurse sharks and too many species of fish and other aquatic life to name. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Belize.

Belize-Pictues 5

5.  Exploring the Macal River:

The last day of the trip was well-spent time relaxing while canoeing down the Macal River just outside one of our favorite eco lodges Chaa Creek.

Belize-Pictues 6

6. The Black Hole Drop:

300ft rappel into the “Mother of all Caves!” Definitely not for everyone, but for adventurers willing to take the step over the edge it is an awesome experience. For me, it doesn’t get any cooler than this…

Belize-Pictues 7

7. The Good Stuff:

Cheese probably isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to traveling to Belize but let me tell you, the good people at Caves Branch have mastered the art of cheese making. Their artisanal cheese making workshop really hits the spot after rappelling into the black hole. I’d also like to mention that everything I ate in Belize was delicious, Belizean food is definitely something you need to try.

Belize-Images 8

8. Xunantunich:

What’s more amazing than standing at the bottom of a Mayan ruin? Standing at the bottom of a Mayan ruin by yourself! A huge perk of having a local guide is knowing the best times to visit popular sites. It’s a vastly different experience without a crowd all trying to take the same photo.

Belize-Pictues 9

9. Motmot:

Belize is a birders paradise, this blue-crowned motmot was kind enough to join me for breakfast at Chaa Creek.


10. Soak it up:

I mentioned how incredible it was to wake up to howler monkeys, well this isn’t a bad way to wake up either.


As promised, here is your unBelizeable video clip:

60 Seconds of Snorkeling in Belize

Your friendly adventurer,


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