The Ultimate Belize Romantic Getaway!

The Ultimate Belize Romantic Getaway!


Discover the Maya Food of the Godsand look and feel your best with Chaa Creeks deliciously indulgent Belize Romantic Chocolatissimo Package…


What is it about chocolate? With a taste that’s impossible to describe, and beneficial effects that continue to interest doctors and scientists the world over, chocolate had been on the global palate ever since the Conquistador Cortez brought samples of the Aztec’s sacred xocolatl back to Spain in the1500s.

And the world never looked back

Chocolate began as a beverage and was turned into the delicious milk chocolate we enjoy so much today by Lindt, Nestle and Hershey in the late 1800s. Today, as scientists identify more and more beneficial characteristics about it, chocolate is being used in a variety of health applications and luxurious Spa treatments such as:

Chaa Creek’s Chocolatissimo Package


Cacao has been grown in Belize for thousands of years and was revered as the “Food of the Gods” by our ancient Maya inhabitants.  It seems only fitting that The Hilltop Spa at Chaa Creek, located in the Heartland of the Maya, is today using that age-old ingredient in several cutting edge treatments and as the foundation of the incredibly rich and rewarding Chocolatissimo Belize Vacation Package.

If you think chocolate is amazing in your mouth, imagine what it will do when absorbed in a sensuous body wrap that awakens the senses and leaves skin with a silky smooth lustre and the delicate aroma of chocolate.

There are many scientific theories about why chocolate makes us feel so good. For instance, Cambridge neuroscientist Dr Adrien Owen reported that, “Chocolate has a unique blend of sensory qualities which make us feel good, (by) activating pleasure centres in the brain.”

All we know for certain is that people emerge from the Chocolatissimo treatments looking relaxed and glowing with health. In fact, Chaa Creek’s Spa manager has been so impressed with the results that she has developed the ultimate organic cacao immersion with the Chocolatissimo Belize Vacation Package.

The Chaa Creek Chocolatissimo Package offers sumptuously indulgent treatments including a sensuous Cacao Massage and delicious Chocolate Fondue Wrap.  Combining luxurious accommodations with fine dining and healthy outdoor activities that reconnect you with nature, the Chocolatissimo Package takes a deliciously holistic approach towards making you look and feel your best.

Chocolate therapy

With opportunities to do as much – or as little – as you wish within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre private nature reserve complete with infinity pool, butterfly farm, Natural History Museum, stables, canoes, miles of maintained trails for nature walks and mountain biking, and so much more, you’ll discover the timeless magic of Belize’s Maya cacao in a stunning rainforest setting.

For one surprisingly affordable set price, the Chocolatissimo Belize Vacation Package includes luxurious jungle  accommodation, exquisite  breakfasts and dinners, sensuous cocoa massage, facial, Maya chocolate pedicure, chocolate fondue body wrap, guided nature walk, canoe trip, a horseback riding or mountain biking excursion, candlelit dinners followed by Maya cocoa-inspired cocktails and desserts, and more.


Experience for yourself why chocolate is considered to be one of the Maya’s greatest gifts to the world while revitalising your health, spirits and relationships in Belize’s Heartland of the Maya.

And during Chaa Creek’s St Valentine’s Month of Love next February, the Chocolatissimo Package will place special emphasis on couples and lovers from all over the world. Please feel free to contact our adventure romance specialists to learn more and discover for yourself why chocolate is also known as the Food of Love.

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