The Guava Limb Café Is One Of The Best Restaurants In Belize

The Guava Limb Café Is One Of The Best Restaurants In Belize

Guava-Limb-CafeThe Travel Channel thinks this delightful San Ignacio dining spot is tops!

Our regular readers know how enthusiastic we are about the growth of a sophisticated foodie culture in Western Belize, where farm fresh ingredients, livestock reared on rich tropical pastures and fresh Caribbean seafood are being combined with traditional recipes and innovative flair to create dishes ranging from the satisfyingly simple to the extraordinary.

A perfect example of this is the Guava Limb Café near San Ignacio’s breezy riverside parks.


With healthy taste-tempers such as juicy snapper fillet burgers, herbed roast pork tenderloin, creative lobster and seafood dishes as well as an array of steaks, seafood, curries and pasta meals, the range of Guava Limb’s offerings are as varied and wonderful as Belize itself.


Oh, and did we forget to mention the desserts? We’ll just say that there is a growing legion of fans who come into San Ignacio town just to indulge in the yummiest treats to be found anywhere, delights you’d be happy to discover in New York or San Francisco. But amidst the pristine scenery and ancient Maya temples of Belize?


We think it’s all quite amazing, and so do the discriminating judges at the Travel Channel, who included the Guava Limb among their top ten picks for the entire country of Belize, ranging from the playgrounds of Ambergris Caye to the more upscale resorts and Belize City’s most elite dining spots.

In an article titled, “Where Foodies Should Go in Belize” the Travel Channel writers advise that;

“Belize is an intriguing new culinary destination. Chefs use fresh seafood from the Caribbean, herbs and vegetables from organic gardens and tropical fruits from local markets to create culture-blending dishes. Here are 10 top spots all over the country where you’ll enjoy the best of contemporary Belizean food and drink.”

They then go on to extol the charms of what we agree are some of Belize’s best restaurants, describing the Guava Limb Café as:

“This charming café is a new option for casual, healthful lunches and dinners near downtown San Ignacio. There’s outdoor seating that overlooks a park, and the presentations of fresh salads and paninis are above what you usually find in Belize. Save room for red velvet cheesecake”

As serious fans of farm-to-table dining and the creative use of Belize’s rich farmlands, pastures and seas, we could go on at length about this most welcome addition to fine dining in Belize, but the many excellent reviews the Guava Limb Café has already garnered speak volumes.

Better yet, we can confidently suggest that if you’re lucky enough to be in Belize’s Cayo District, go check out the Guava Limb for yourself. In fact, if you’re anywhere in Belize, make the effort to visit it. It’s that good…

  • The Guava Limb Café
  • 79 Burns Ave
  • San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize
  • +501 824-4837

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