Belize Rainforest Safari ATV Tours Launched!

Belize Rainforest Safari ATV Tours Launched!

Belize Buggy Mule Rainforest Safari Tours at Chaa Creek is one of the first in its class!

Looking for Adventure? Try the Belizean Rainforest Safari ATV Tour!


Late last year those imaginative folks at Chaa Creek promised some new adventures for 2015, and we’re happy to report that an exciting new Rainforest Safari has been added to the list of jungle exploits.

Just the very word Safari evokes adventure and romance, and while things have changed since the early days of big game hunters, with images of Ernest Hemingway traipsing around the African bush, there’s still something about the notion of setting off to explore the wilderness in a rugged four wheel drive vehicle with a local guide that captivates the imagination.

And for us, the beauty of Chaa Creek’s Rainforest Safari is the convenience and affordability of this rather awesome motorised trek into Belizean landscapes not often visited by the casual traveller.

With two safaris a day; a morning excursion leaving at 7.30am and returning at 9.30am, and an afternoon jaunt between 1.30pm to 3.30pm, intrepid travellers can experience a real bush safari guided by experienced licenced naturalist guides while still having plenty of time for, say, swimming, canoeing or taking part in any of the many other activities on offer within Chaa Creek’s 365 acre private nature reserve.

Then again, there’s something to be said about taking the rest of the day off for leisurely lounging around the infinity pool or, in time-honoured safari tradition, sitting around with a cool tropical drink recounting the day’s adventures.

(Hemingway was partial to coconut water with gin and bitters, and the Jungle Lounge’s barman can suggest a variety of suitably exotic refreshments)

But seriously, this is a jungle experience not to be missed!

The Belize Buggy Mule Rainforest Safari  Tour is perfect for family!

With an ATV carrying guests along rainforest trails to a cohune ridge and through broadleaf forests that support a wide variety of wild and bird life. We remember seeing a tapir near there years ago, and you’ll definitely want to pack a camera and binoculars, as Chaa Creek’s guides have an uncanny knack for spotting things most people would miss.

With a minimum of two and maximum of four guests, and plenty of time for questions, explanations and bush lore, this is an intimate Belizean adventure and another of those “only at Chaa Creek” activities that makes the place live up to it’s reputation as Belize’s most complete destination.

The fact that you can enjoy the ministrations of a professional spa and enjoy exquisite Maya organic farm fresh meals after such a unique bush experience only adds to the experience.

And, at only US$25 a head, even the price harkens back to days gone by.


If a “Safari in Belize” sounds strange, consider that Safari is a Swahili word for journey, with “kusafiri” meaning to travel. Given Chaa Creek’s owners’ penchant for travel and Mick’s African bush experience, a Belizean Rainforest Safari begins to make perfect sense… and a lot of fun!

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