A Happy Belizean St Patrick’s Day from Chaa Creek!

A Happy Belizean St Patrick’s Day from Chaa Creek!



Are your Irish eyes smiling? They’re positively giggling in Belize as the country joins in the annual St Patrick day celebrations


Maybe Belize and St Patrick don’t naturally go together in most people’s minds, but those lucky enough to visit or live in this very green little country know better.

Just like most places on earth during March 17, a fair portion of the population attach a bit of green to their attire, assert a certain Irish-ness, and maybe even indulge in lifting a glass (or two, or three…) to that venerable saint.

It only makes sense… after the Maya, the next significant numbers of people to settle in Belize were the famous Baymen, a hardy group of mostly Anglo-Celtic descent who were attracted by the nascent timber industry and, like so many people since, liked what they saw and stayed, many mixing with African slaves to form the vibrant Creole population of Belize.

There was also a significant number of Irish in the crews of buccaneer ships that regularly visited Belize, taking advantage of the tricky-to-navigate barrier reef and coming in to re-provision and relax with the abundant rum, so it’s safe to assume that St Patrick began being celebrated in Belize back then.

As Belize’s population grew, becoming more and more multicultural along the way, St Patrick’s Day not only survived but thrived to the point that it is one of the most popular unofficially recognised holidays of the year, celebrated in schools, churches, homes and resorts. San Pedro, for instance, goes green indeed for the day with revelry beginning early and lasting into the night.

At Chaa Creek, extra stout is chilled (try the local Belikin Stout – even Sir Author Guinness would tip his hat to this Eire-inspired brew), green themed drinks are on offer and the smiles may be even bigger than usual.  Yes, St Patrick’s Day seems to have that effect – no matter where you are in the world.

 Belikin Stout

So, in that happy spirit, the staff and management of Chaa Creek would like to say:

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort!


And wish everyone a very Happy St Patrick’s Day. Because no matter your heritage, today you get to be a little bit Irish…





St Patrick fun facts:


It may surprise some people to learn that St Patrick is an actual historical figure who did exist. He was a fifth century missionary with an amazing history, starting life in Roman Britain as a well-off youth before being captured by Irish pirates who brought him to Ireland where he lived as a slave for six years. According to St Patrick’s “Confessio”, it was during this time he began praying, and upon escaping and making his way back home decided to devote himself to a spiritual life.

He then had a vision instructing him to return to Ireland to preach Christianity, which he did with gusto, baptizing thousand of people, according to legend, and becoming hugely popular. The shamrock that we associate with Ireland was used by him to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity, but many of the other St Patrick legends, such as banning snakes and his staff turning into a living tree are, well, questionable.

Regardless of the veracity of legends, there is no doubt that he was a very effective missionary who got the Irish to relinquish many of their bad habits, such as taking slaves, celebrating warfare and generally misbehaving. And the fact that his legend has endured, and that he is so beloved in Ireland and around the world, says something about the man.

So, in that spirit, we wish you top of the morning, and Lá ‘le Pádraig sona daoibh!

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