Bill to Make Belize the 51st US State Goes before the US Senate

Bill to Make Belize the 51st US State Goes before the US Senate  belize-map

Just prior to the current six-week recess, Congress approved a last minute Bill that could see the tiny Central American nation of Belize become the 51st US State. 

The Bill, Belize Statehood Appropriations Instrument No 387, is now up for review by the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that Belize’s introduction into the Union would have positive implications for both countries, and predicted that ratification would proceed smoothly.

“The benefits of Belize joining the Union are too numerous and profound to ignore,” Mr McConnell told the last sitting of the Senate prior to the spring break.”

“With the best beaches and diving in the world, as well as vast tracts of pristine wilderness, beautiful Maya temples, exotic wildlife and an informed, English speaking citizenry that cherishes democracy, having Belize join the Union would be an asset we can’t afford to neglect,” the Senator said.

“It would elevate and enhance the leisure time activities of all citizens,” he added, noting that many members of both houses would be travelling to Belize for their spring break.

“Since so many of us travel to Belize so to take advantage of the many things it offers, wouldn’t it make sense to formalise the relationship?” he asked.

McConnell said that, given the long time relationship the two countries have enjoyed, as well as the number of US citizens living, working, retiring and vacationing in the Caribbean country, and the large Belizean diaspora currently in the US, statehood would be an easy option.

He also pointed to the dramatic increase in number of flights to and from Belize through major air hubs in the US.

“Belize is now so easy to get to, that it’s relatively right next door. For example, the other morning my wife and I flew from Atlanta straight to Belize City, took a Tropic Air flight to Maya Flats adjacent to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, and were sitting around in our bathing suits enjoying lunch that afternoon. It was much easier than going to Hawaii, and that’s been a state for a while,” McConnell said.

“Plus, the food was a zillion times better. I rest my case,” the Senator said.

McConnell said that in light of Britain’s on-going diplomatic attempts to get Belize to join the United Kingdom, the Senate should act now.

“Belize is a rare gem, and we don’t want to see it become another one of England’s Crown Jewels,” he smiled.

McConnell then left, he said, to be in time to celebrate April Fools Day in Belize.

Happy First of April Everyone!

From your friendly jokers at Chaa Creek

(with apologies to Senator Mitch McConnell and the Royal Family)


While we were pulling your leg about statehood, the rest of the story is factual… Belize is stunningly beautiful, full of great things to do, and getting easier to get to all the time. It’s also true that the food is awesome…


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3 thoughts on “Bill to Make Belize the 51st US State Goes before the US Senate”

  1. We would have lost certain freedoms and national pride…but can this be counterbalanced with better governance & accountability and an improvement in other institutions?

  2. I almost had a heartattack. Me and my husband retiring there was immediately off the table until I saw April Fools. Thank Goodness. This could never, never happen please, I would be devastated. Did I like the Story> Yeah the part that referred to it being APRIL’S FOOL! THAT WAS A GOOD ONE, I MUST SAY.


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