Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Day 4: Land Conservation!

Belize Eco Kids learnt all about Land Conservation!


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The journey of knowledge continued on Thursday at the Eco-Kids Camp as the campers learned about land conservation. After breakfast and arts and crafts, when the kids constructed their own wallets made of reused cardboard and recycled tape, they were summoned to the Chaa Creek Maya Organic Farm for a tour with big boss himself Mr. Mick!

The eco-kids learned how a large-scale ecologically sustainable farm is maintained, and learned the benefits of using entirely organic products, like organic compost and organic fertilizer. They were amazed to learn how the California Red Worms help decompose horse manure by removing bacteria and excreting Humus, which contains lots of useful natural minerals to help plants grow. And if you could only have seen their faces when they stuck their hands into the organic compost, which reaches temperatures between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit!

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Apart from all of the useful wisdom the eco-kids obtained during Mr. Mick’s tour of the farm, they also got to see and try some of the various produce that grows there, like Dragonfruit (or Pitajaya), Surinam Cherries, and Cohune Nuts, even if they had to work hard to crack the mini coconut-like exterior!


Before lunch, the eco-kids were lucky enough to have story time with Mrs. Lucy, whom they were meeting for the first time since coming to camp. She told them the story of how she and Mr. Mick came to Belize and started the resort, how they were disheartened to see Iguanas at the market and not by the river, and how that lit a fire in them to educate the country about ecological sustainability and the benefits of bringing eco-tourism to the interior of Belize. She was extremely pleased to hear that many of the eco-kids want to go into the eco-tourism industry when they grow up!

The eco-kids received an extra special lunch from Levi’s mother, Mrs. Deb, out of her food truck! Unfortunately though, they had to make the difficult decision between corn dogs, cheeseburgers, and chicken sandwiches, all with fresh Orange, Pineapple, and Tambrand juice. Here at Eco-Kids Camp, even lunch has lessons in ecological responsibility! Mrs. Deb told the eco-kids how every ingredient used in her food is fresh made inside the truck, so there is no worry about ingesting processed foods. Further than that, she does not issue any plastic containers; all of her baskets and papers are biodegradable. Her truck and her products were all constructed in Belize as well, showing to prove that anything can be done in this beautiful little country!


When the eco-kids returned to the River Camp, they were given time to practice their team songs and skits while the counselors prepared the area for the SPLASH PARTY. Baby shampoo and water soaked and slicked tarps that were placed on the grass for everyone to slide around on, while buckets filled with water balloons lined the area. It was a great way to cool down from the hot sun, and we were even lucky to get a little help from some afternoon showers! The Jaguars and the Toucans took the extra effort to get team face paint for the water war that ensued!

At night after dinner, the eco-kids played team games indoors before the counselors put on skits (with a lot of shaving cream). When the shaving cream came out, it was only a matter of time before everyone was covered white! As if they didn’t have enough fun in the shaving cream fight, the kids were allowed to choose their own cabins for a special sleepover night! Rooms were packed tight, beds were pushed together, and flashlights shone late into the night as the eco-kids strengthened their camp bonds.


As usual, it was another beautiful day in paradise here at Eco-Kids Camp, and most importantly, the campers are enjoying themselves and each other more and more each day. Tomorrow we will receive a presentation on the 3 R’s of conservation. Stay tuned!  

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