8 Awesome Family Vacation Activities in Belize

Kid-Friendly Activities Await You In Belize!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching & families are deciding whether to stay home, visit relatives or head out on a family destination vacation. If you opt for a family vacation you are probably looking for a place that offers plenty of fun and safe activities for the entire family, especially the kids. The culture-rich country of Belize offers numerous family-friendly activities that will keep each member happily occupied during your holiday. Here are our top favourite activities for families:

1. The Belize Zoo

A visit to the Belize Zoo or as it is better known, “The Best Little Zoo in The world” is a fun activity that families can enjoy during their Belize vacation. The zoo exhibits over 170 animals, representing over 45 species, all native to Belize. This is an awesome way to get a first-hand introduction to Belize’s astonishing wildlife.

2. Snorkeling

There is no great holiday without a little fun in the sun, especially for the kids. A snorkeling tour is one of those activities that you don’t want to miss when in Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef is home to a large variety of plants and animals and is one of the most diversified ecosystems in the world. Swim with turtles, colorful fishes, rays and nurse sharks in the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.

3. Horseback riding

The entire family will enjoy horseback riding through well manicured trails on our 365-acre private nature reserve . As you ride along, your naturalist guide will highlight various unique plant and wildlife species native to Belize.

4. Maya Temple Visit

This is a great opportunity to explore some of the world’s most interesting ancient Mayan cities while enjoying breathtaking settings.belize-xunantunich-cayo-district-chaa-creek

5. Canoeing

belize canoeing tours
Canoeing down the tranquil Macal River is an exciting tour for people of all ages. It’s a great day trip that allows you to explore the flora & fauna lining the banks while cruising downstream to San Ignacio town and arriving at the old boat wharf.

6. Creatures of the Night Hike

This is a fun and stress-free activity to do at night with the family. The night comes alive with a naturalist guide who leads you through trails where you kinkajous (yes, exotic!), tarantulas, armadillos, bats & even scorpions. This is a one-of-a-kind jungle experience kids enjoy. Totally safe as well!

7. Cave Exploration

Explore one of many fascinating cave systems in Belize via tube, canoe or foot. These caves provide us with exhilarating evidence that the ancient Mayans used it as a burial sites and for ceremonial purposes.

8. Zip lining

Zip lining is fun for the adults yet safe enough for kids, a perfect adventure activity for the entire family. This is an exciting opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the lush Belizean rainforest.

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