Plan your Belize Honeymoon around these 6 Romantic Ideas!

Table of Contents

  1. Amp Up Your Romance Factor In Belize!
  2. #1. Adventure - Together!
  3. 2. Get Pampered with Mayan Gold!
  4. 3. Enjoy Private Al'Fresco Dinners
  5. 4. Unplug & Focus on each other
  6. #5. Get Wonderfully Lost
  7. #6. Just Relax

Amp Up Your Romance Factor In Belize!

With Belize becoming THE new Romance Destination, we thought we’d compile a handpicked list of activities to do in Belize on your next Romantic Getaway – all that would be missing is you (and your love!). A private beachside moonlit dinner, a sensuous chocolate spa treatment, stargazing from your outdoor hot tub jacuzzi or perhaps an adrenaline pumping adventure will surely up your romance factor. So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just looking for the ideal weekend getaway, Belize is definitely the right destination. Here’s why!

Our top picks for an extra-romantic getaway in Belize:

#1. Adventure – Together!

Kayla Ewell and husband Tanner Novlan on their ATM Cave Tour!

2. Get Pampered with Mayan Gold!

Yes, a little adventure can definitely go a long way in spicing up your romance. Just ask The Vampire Diaries star (Kayla Ewell) who vacationed with her husband, Tanner Novlan, in Belize earlier this September. While staying at a popular Belize Eco Resort, they visited the world renowned Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave). The ATM Cave is one of the most impressive and artefact-rich Maya ceremonial caves ever found, featured on National Geographic’s top 10 sacred caves of a lifetime.

Chocolate is known to be the “Food of the Gods” by the ancient Maya. And at the award-winning Belize Hilltop Spa, a sensuous organic chocolate body wrap that awakens your senses awaits you. The skin absorbs the silky chocolate and leaves the skin soft, smooth, revitalized and with a delicate aroma.

3. Enjoy Private Al’Fresco Dinners

Romantic Dinner @Jaguar Reef Lodge

Private beachside candlelit dinners continues to be a favourite amongst couples that come to celebrate their love in Belize. A fusion of local and international flavours, sparkling wine, tiki torches and rose petals make up the perfect combination to this rendezvous.

4. Unplug & Focus on each other

Canoe The Macal River

#5. Get Wonderfully Lost

There is something magical about a tranquil sunset river canoeing next to your partner as you watch the glorious sun fading behind the Maya mountains. This is a great opportunity to disconnect from the world and simply enjoy the fresh outdoors with the best company.

Belize is a paradise above and below waters. Explore Belize’s Great Barrier Reef while you snorkel in warm clear tropical waters. Get a chance to see over 100 coral species, 500 species of fish and hundreds of invertebrates that call the Great Barrier Reef home.

#6. Just Relax

Relax & Lounge around the Swimming Pool!

You might just want to enjoy each other’s company in cozy & luxurious Belize accommodations, soak in a hot tub, or lounge around the infinity swimming pool with a tropical cocktail in hand. This is perfectly fine and complements Belize’s GO SLOW approach to living and being.

There is plenty more to do, and whatever activity you choose to do in Belize during your romantic getaway, the days are sure to be authentic and the nights magical.

Thinking about a Belize Destination Wedding? a Belize Honeymoon? or just a Romantic Getaway? We’d love to help you plan! Call us at 877-709-8708 or send us an email to reservations[at]chaacreek[dot]com to speak to a Belize Vacation Expert.

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