Belize Vacations: Top 5 Reasons to visit in 2019!

There are many good reasons to have a Belize Vacation in 2019!

Who’s planning next year’s vacations already?

We know many of you are because we have been receiving many emails asking for suggestions on where to go and what to do in Belize this coming year. When you think about it, it does make perfect sense to start planning next year’s vacation since its right around the corner.

There are many good reasons to visit Belize in 2019. Here’s a few:

1. New direct flights and cheaper airfare to Belize.


We have already notice the decrease in airfares to Belize this year and we expect cheaper airfare rates in 2019. New airlines tapping into the Belizean market late this year (Southwest airlines this October and Copa Airlines in mid December) add much needed competition and much needed relief from some of the highest international fares in the country. Check out airline tickets to Belize on AirfareWatchdog – airline tickets price tracker.

2. It’s always uncrowded.

Picnic at the very top of "El Castillo" at Xunantunich!

Even at its busiest, Belize is never a crowded, hustle & bustle sort of place. You can enjoy ancient Mayan temples, sacred caves and marine reserves without being overwhelmed by mass tourism.

3. The weather is lovely year-round.

Belize-Placencia- Beaches

Belize boasts of a very comfortable sub-tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of 84° F (29°C). This gives travellers a great chance to explore some of Belize’s top attractions year-round with great weather conditions.

4. Belize offers a variety of experiences.


A Belize vacation can be either be an extreme adventure or a relaxing getaway. You may want to try horseback riding, zipling or a peaceful hike on a jungle trail while exploring exotic wildlife and colorful tropical birds. Perhaps you would enjoy canoeing down one of our many rivers, explore a sacred Mayan ceremonial cave, or dive the great blue hole. Perhaps you might even just want to relax by the beach or get pampered at a top notch Belize Wellness Spa.

5. For Belize’s culinary extremes


Belize food is one of the most diverse you will ever come across. A mixture of multicultural people, fresh seafood and organic produce are used to create mouthwatering dishes found in every corner of this colourful country. Check out our recommended 6 Delicious Food choices in Belize to eat like a local!

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