Chaa Creek Cares assists the San Ignacio Police Department

The Chaa Creek Cares Program continues to be a success in community outreach efforts



Many people did not realize that 10% of all accommodation revenues at Chaa Creek go directly into social and environmental programs or contributions, and we’ve received comments suggesting that we let guests know how some of their money is used.

It’s very gratifying that our guests appreciate Chaa Creek’s commitment to responsible travel, and that a significant portion of what they spend with us goes back into the local environment and communities. We are very happy that Chaa Creek continues to attract people who care, and we invite you to read on about some of our initiatives.

Christmas is a time of giving and it is with this thought in mind that Chaa Creek joined the San Ignacio Police Department’s fund raising effort by offering a vacation gift-package raffle. The 100 raffle tickets will be sold at $20.00 each offering the winners an exceptional Eco-lux experience and the SIPD well needed funds for police operations in Belize’s largest district.

The raffle draw will take place at St Andrews School on December 22nd.


The one night gift package for two persons includes:

• Eco-luxe accommodation
• Full breakfast featuring tropical fruits and bakery-fresh creations
• Exquisite dinner in the airy Mariposa Restaurant
• Guided tours of the Natural History Museum and butterfly farm
• Wandering along the Ruta Maya trail system crisscrossing our secure 365 acre private nature reserve
• Canoeing or tubing down the tranquil Macal River
• Early morning bird discovery walk with a naturalist guide
• Informative, guided tour of the Maya Rainforest Medicinal Plant Trail
• Swimming and lounging around our infinity pool and full service Jungle Lounge

Package Value is BZD$999

The Chaa Creek Cares program is delighted to assist our hard working SIPD and look forward to hosting the winning couple for a memory infused holiday that will be sure to make the new year bright!


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