10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Savvy Traveler

Top Gifts that Travelers are dying to find under their tree this Christmas!


We asked some of our guests, who are frequent travelers, what would make ideal holiday gifts — or what would make their travels smoother and enjoyable. Here is the list that we compiled from their recommendations. Now getting a gift for that special traveler in your life will be much easier!

1. TOMS Shoes $59 

Slip ons provides a no-hassle take to footwear. Traveler’s will find it appealing as the slip off and slip on aspect makes airport security a little bit more easier. This footwear is also comfortable enough for nature walks through cleared trails. If this isn’t enough, TOMS also helps a person in need with every purchase.


2.  $106 

This traveler’s set comes with a passport cover and luggage tag–the perfect pieces for the world traveler. The tag has a sturdy buckle for secure attachment to your luggage, you always want to make sure that if your luggage is lost it can be returned to the rightful owner!

World Traveler Passport Case & Luggage Tag Set

3. Waterproof Speakers $99 

Music is life! Having a waterproof speaker allows the savvy traveler to enjoy their music everywhere and anywhere. Its waterproof (up to 3 feet), hands-free, and small enough to carry.


4. Jacquard-knit Cardigan  $ 17 

Cabins do get cold, sometimes really cold. Although a good cardigan or jacket will warm you up, this chic two-way knit stole is even handier because you can use it as a scarf or drape it over yourself for better results. It comes in multiple styles, too, so you can be sure to choose the perfect one for that special person.


5. GoPro HERO4 SILVER $389 

If it seems like everyone owns and uses a GoPro in this digital era, well, that’s because they do! And with good reason. It’s super small and lightweight, extremely durable, and most importantly, takes incredible video footage. There’s no better compact video camera on the market for travelers.


6. HAVANA Retro Panama Straw Hat  $58

This classy straw hat will add that extra pizazz you probably weren’t even looking for but appreciate. Stay cool on your next trip around the world.

Genuine HAVANA Retro Panama Straw Hat

 7. Semikolon Grand Voyage Linen Travel Diary $24 

Who said diaries were outdated? It’s still a great way to keep track of your travels – what you see, eat, drink, smell & experience. Especially documenting experiences – isn’t this why we travel?!


8. Cork Globe $129

The perfect way to track a traverlers globetrotting—past and future. Mounted on a simple stainless steel base, it comes with five tacks for pinning those amazing whereabouts. Forget the traditional “scratch off” bucket lists.


9. Satechi Travel Router $33

This small power adapter lets you convert the output of all the major plugs out there, has two slots for USB charging and GET THIS, even turns into a router. Because when you get into the hotel, chances are you’ll have more than one gadget that needs a little bit of internet juice.

Satechi Smart Travel Adapter

10. Belize Photography Safari Tour $2,558 

Lights, camera, action! If you thought natural light isn’t important in photography, we’re happy to tell you that you’re misguided. Belize is close to the equator, making for sub-tropical weather and sunny days! Top up any travellers memory bank with awe-inspiring expeditions led by internationally acclaimed London-based photographer, James Millar. This gift is extra special.


If you wish to gift a Belize Vacation Package as a holiday present, contact us, one of our Belize Vacation Specialists will happily assist you .


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