Foodie Friday Infographic – Top 9 Belizean Eats!

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  1. Here's an infographic showing Belize's top 9 eats!

Here’s an infographic showing Belize’s top 9 eats!

One of your first happy discoveries about Belize will be how wonderful and varied the food is. Generally inexpensive, dining in Belize is a treat. There’s great variety, ingredients are fresh & organic, and hygiene is never a worry. I’ve dined with gusto from excellent resort kitchens to beach shacks and the humblest of street side vendors, and never had a rumble of tummy discontent. It’s usually real food made by real folks with a certain amount of Belize’s national ingredient – pride.

Any selection of the Belizean culinary arts is by nature a multicultural melange, and here are my top favourites (click on the infographic to make larger):

Belize Food Infographic by the Belize Travel Blog

Inspired to try one the above listed Belizean eats? Check out the following Belize Recipes: RECIPES

Did we miss something you thought should be here? List them below and we could update the infographic to include them! Happy dining 🙂

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