Belize In December: Best Reasons To Visit

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  1. The Best Reasons to Visit Belize In December
    1. Agreeable weather
    2. Belize Christmas traditions
    3. Belize Adventures!
    4. Family Oriented
    5. Affordable Inland Belize Vacations
    6. Stress free
    7. Ease of travel

The Best Reasons to Visit Belize In December

For many, December is a time synonymous with family, a time to share in the company you might not usually get other times of the year, or in Belize at-least. For children it’s a time for good food, favorite cousins and whether we like to admit it or not; Christmas and all the cool things attributed to it! The holiday season is a time of wonder and a time to wander for everyone who’s frequently bitten by the travel bug.

Agreeable weather


We all love the holiday season, it is for some, the most wonderful time of the year! There’s even a song that says so. But for all that December merriment one must contend with months worth of snow. Belize is pretty warm at most times of the year, but the extreme northern cold sends its regards in a much kinder fashion here. The cold fronts we experience in Belize, while quite the chill to us  would be considered cold our North American and European friends find the temperature quite pleasant. Our lack of snow also means a lack of snow storms and certainly nothing close to a blizzard either, no getting snowed in, no need for humidifiers. If you’re trying to escape the cold with your family and have a little adventure for Christmas, Belize has your fix!

Belize Christmas traditions

Now you may be wondering… we won’t get snowed in, but I like ham and turkey with stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Fear not, because we do too! Our Christmas traditions share many similarities with those of North America, a great deal of the meal preparations and accolades are the same, we even make our own home version of eggnog (we don’t call it that, though). If you’re a fan of mistletoe we do have some unfortunate news as they don’t grow in our warm climate, but who needs one of those when Belizeans have such a welcoming disposition anyway! Aside from all the great food, the religious and cultural traditions surrounding Christmas in Belize are as intriguing as they are mystical. In towns like Benque Viejo Del Carmen, devout residents hold prayer services, in which an altar is passed over the course of a few weeks to different host homes where they are offered prayers and sung at in reverence of the time. On Christmas eve Catholic parishes hold elaborate and beautifully orchestrated Midnight mass to celebrate the birth of Christ. So you see, Belize in December still keeps things traditional, yet different!

Belize Adventures!


When you’re not eating or partaking in the holiday traditions, remember, Belize in December means there are adventures to be had! Belize, and more so the Cayo District, are situated right at the heart of where the Mayan civilization converged in ancient times. Magnificent sites like Caracol, and Xunantunich tower atop the mountains like silent obelisks still watching over the lands they once governed. Quite in contrast to the large Mayan Ruins are the Naturally formed limestone caves which they believed to be the entrances to their underworld; Xibalba… In these caves lie artifacts fusing into the rock and calcified remains of an ancient denizen of these parts. If you enjoy nature, there is a butterfly farm and a  network of hiking trails at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, and when you get tired of walking you can ride horseback through the jungle or even an RTV. There’s also a very cool green iguana conservation project that you shouldn’t overlook so easily.

There are too many things you can do to list in one paragraph if you want more detailed information on activities, check out this other blog!

Family Oriented


Many think honeymoon or couples vacation or even cruise stop when they hear Belize but there is much family energy circulating in this little Jewel. The holiday season is especially ripe with the air of togetherness and bonding, the local radio stations will play Christmas carols all month, lights, Santa Clause statues, and “icicles” go up and everyone walks around wearing Santa hats. The Christmas cheer is inescapable in Belize, but then again, who would ever want to escape something as magical as that?

Affordable Inland Belize Vacations

Inland Rainforest vacations are some of the most versatile in Belize due to the central location you’d be in. From inland, you have quick access to most tours and activities to fit your need for exploration without having to worry about waking up for a long transfer over sea and land. The freedom to book Vacations for 4 nights up instead of 6/7 nights up also gives you the ability to fill your Christmas with different experiences and new horizons without being forced to stay in the same place for an entire week!

Stress free

What everyone likes to talk about in regards to the holiday season is all the fun stuff like food and get-togethers. What no-one ever mentions is all the work that goes into it, all the shopping and cooking and decorating, and the eventual clean up. Resorts in Belize offer all-inclusive Christmas Vacation Packages which allow you to kick back and enjoy the ride with your family, no extra planning or clean-up involved. Don’t you think it’d be nice to give yourselves a break from the yearly holiday season stress and take a chill pill in the rainforest?

Ease of travel


If you’re sold on a December vacation in Belize, or still waiting to be you’ll be pleased to know that getting here has never been easier. Gone are the days of multiple connections and painful layovers. Major airlines from all over north America have begun to travel here, and more frequently. Westjet and Southwest airlines are two of the most recent carriers to announce direct flights to Belize so you can now fly all the way from Canada on a direct flight. Not only are there more routes and options, the prices are better as well with more competitive rates developing frequently as routes become well traveled.

Check out our Flights to Belize guide.

If you’re looking to Travel Belize in December, check out The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s affordable Christmas and Winter Solstice packages. Book now with promo code CCBLOG2016 and receive up to 20% off your booking!

Snorkeling photo courtesy of Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

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