Pictures of Belize: 13 perfect photo opportunities!

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  1. 13 Perfect opportunities to get amazing pictures of Belize!
    1. Baron Bliss Lighthouse
    2. Belize Signs
    3. Airport Stairs
    4. Tropic Air flights
    5. Beaches
    6. San Ignacio Murals
    7. Belize and Orange Walk Clock Tower
    8. Hawkesworth Bridge
    9. Mountain Pine Ridge
    10. Barrier Reef
    11. Corozal Bay
    12. Hummingbird Highway
    13. Mayan Temples

13 Perfect opportunities to get amazing pictures of Belize!

Photos are the perfect way to keep that one resounding memory alive, you can look at them when you feel nostalgic, or just glance at them when you’re busy to take you back to a happier time. What are vacations after they end if not good memories? With the many adventures you’ll go on and the moments you’ll have in Belize we know there will be some that you’ll want to keep!

By now, surely, you know where we are going with this; check out our most picture pose-worthy photo angles from around Belize!

Baron Bliss Lighthouse

It’s difficult to say “landmark” around here and not instantly think about the Lighthouse at the mouth of Haulover creek in Belize City, the old capital. This monument stands at the burial place of one of Belize’s most beloved benefactors and is so iconic that it is on the label of Belikin’s Lighthouse Lager beer!

Belize Signs


How better to provide photo evidence of absolutely marvelous vacation in Belize than to take a photo posing beside, behind, in front or even atop the colorful “Belize” sign? The sea-side views and ample group space make these two gems an awesome spot to get a commemorative shot! If you only have time to stop a couple places for a day here, make this one of them.

Airport Stairs

You know those tubes that attach themselves to the airplane doors art airports? The ones that make you feel like an astronaut strolling into a rocket bound for space? You won’t find those here, what you’re met with is a good old fashioned flight of stairs on wheels. Why not take a selfie with your passenger jet on your way down? Or up, get creative since you’re not forced to take a photo from behind glass windows!

Tropic Air flights


Speaking of airplanes, it’s difficult to get that perfect sea shot from a commercial jet. Lens flare, cloud cover, the wing; there’s always something in the way! The cool little Cessna airbuses that Tropic Air employs have their wings on top and frequently fly over some of the most scenic parts of Belize, so keep your cameras handy! You may do well with a stunning shot of our Belize Barrier Reef! 😉



White sand beaches are a big deal it seems, if they are to you then you’ve just landed in the right place. Belize is loaded with beaches on our coastline, in bays, coves, even lagoons and all white sand covered so this one is a no-brainer! Just please, no “feet-on-a-beach” photos…

San Ignacio Murals


We like to say Belize is a colorful place, warm climates make dark hues generally a no-no, but few places take “colorful” more seriously than San Ignacio does. All around town, on what would normally be boring building-side or wall or… just cement, artists have painted beautiful and intricate full wall murals. Not to be confused with graffiti, these murals often times depict positive messages, or historically valuable imagery and are certainly worth a few megabytes in your SD cards.

Belize and Orange Walk Clock Tower

This one’s a bit of a two-for, the clock towers found on Belize city’s Barrack road and Orange Walk’s main boulevard have been around since the inception of these communities and have been kept operational and maintained ever since. They aren’t the tallest wonders in Belize but certainly a marvel of colonial engineering and heritage to gaze upon. If you’re lucky enough you might even see someone go in to wind them up, yes, they’re that type of clocks!

Hawkesworth Bridge

The Hawkesworth Bridge in San Ignacio is currently the largest bridge this side of Belize and is iconic in the way of it having been the bridge that first linked Belize to San Ignacio and Beyond. Hawkesworth also holds the distinguished honor of being the only driveable and indeed only suspension bridge in Belize to date since 1949.

Mountain Pine Ridge


Mountain ranges are some best places to take a truly scenic photo, the Mountain Pine Ridge forest reserve is home to many beautiful formations such as the 1000ft falls, Rio On Pools, Big Rock falls and Caracol. Hiking around and taking dives into the pools are great activities to photograph and looking out over the edge of a high ridge is magnificent.

Barrier Reef


Belize can boast (and we do sometimes…) about being home to the longest, largest and healthiest stretch of Coral reef this side of the world. Reefs are teeming with colorful creatures who gracefully float by as if flying, The shallow waters of the reefs make it perfect photo territory, on a clear day the light it just right to take some astounding shots! Belize All Inclusive Vacations is a perfect way to start your dream photo album!

Corozal Bay

The term “Evergreen” is something usually attributed to pine trees and the like, but we’ll go ahead and step out of the conventional meaning and say Corozal Bay is as well. The term can be taken literally as the waters that bracket the town of Corozal’s east side are always a pale shade of teal. The protective sea wall is a great area to sit and take a selfie with that beautiful water if you’re near there; do it!

Hummingbird Highway

The Humminbird highway is the road that connects Western Belize and the South. This highway had to be built through the foothills of the Maya Mountains, and not being a culture that’s eager to use dynamite on our landscapes; we simply put the roads in between and over them. The resulting path that rolls over hills and past farms, over shallow rivers and beside mountains gives you the opportunity to catch gorgeous countryside vistas in one of Belize’s most natural settings.

Mayan Temples


Not to be out-done by any of Belize’s sights, but not out to trump them either, the abandoned Belize Mayan Temples that punctuate our different regions. If you’ve ever wanted to feel on top of the world, or simply give your Instagram followers vertigo then scaling one of these and taking a photo from the top is your best bet. These age-old wonders sit silently in our jungles waiting to be discovered and re-discovered by intrigued travelers like you!

Have you taken a photo at any of the destinations mentioned above? Show us!

Found an astounding land mark or photo op that we didnt mention? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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