Propose In Belize: 5 Heart-Stopping Romantic Ways!

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  1. Proposing in Belize: 5 Romantic Ways To Do It!
    1. 1 Eternal love on a temple to eternity
    2. 2 Cradle love in the lap of luxury
    3. 3 Incite excitement on Victoria Peak
    4. 4 Make a gesture behind the reef
    5. 5 Fall as fast as you fell in love

Proposing in Belize: 5 Romantic Ways To Do It!

Belize is full of adventure and if we learned anything from 2016 it’s that there’s always something new just around the next bend. Speaking of adventure, you must admit it’s always better with good company, and who would ever be better company than that one special person? We know that adventure and romance are not synonymous, and often not even used in the same sentence, to which we say – Why?

Today we bring you a quick briefing from our romantic playbook with 5 heart-stoppingly romantic ways to propose in Belize:

1 Eternal love on a temple to eternity


First, on this list; we have the first edifices to exist on this side of the world ever – as far as we all know, at least. At their height, the Mayan civilization populated this area in the millions (which is far more than inhabit Belize today). In their wake, we were left with towering structures that in some places reach for the sky.

The Mayan Ruins that dot Belize’s landscape peek silently through canopies, stalwart and timeless along seashores, on plains, and atop mountains. These temples began to rise over 2,000 years ago, used to honor their gods yet are still shrouded by so much mystery. To scale one of these temples is to do what has been done there for tens of hundreds of years, a small feat with an awe-inspiring culmination.

While your heart is still pumping and you eyes are wide, feeling like you’re on top of the world, go on one knee and make sure the experience is truly magic. Take in the view, let the emotions ebb and flow – after all, is it really romantic if your heart doesn’t skip a beat as it happens?

2 Cradle love in the lap of luxury


One passing moment not enough for you? Granted, some people live for the moment, but why have only one… right? Sometimes you need to build a mood for something, progress into a state of mind that everything seems just right to ask the perfect question with the perfect words. Maybe what sets up that mood for you is a quiet morning being pampered at the spa, perhaps it is an exciting day zip lining and river tubing, or maybe it’s the down time you get after all those activities in your own in-deck jacuzzi together.

Whatever it may be, there’s an “on” button for everyone, What if we told you that there are places in the world that will wrap up rugged adventure, relaxing ambiance and jungle luxury into one stunning package?

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is precisely one of these places. Frolic on-site along the jungle trails, or take an exhilarating horseback ride through the rain forests twists and turns. Inversely, take it easy at the Hilltop Spa before taking the relaxation back to your accommodation’s indoor or deck hot tub. Dine on exquisitely prepared and lovingly crafted Caribbean style meals at the Mariposa restaurant and just when your partner thinks it doesn’t get any better – pop the question; have an engagement engineered in luxury and executed with love.

3 Incite excitement on Victoria Peak

If you’re a Belize Travel Blog reader then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Victoria Peak. The 4-day hike to the summit of Victoria Peak takes longer to get to than to come back – approximately three days to the peak, one day back. As we’ve noted before, this may not be for everyone but we do know that there are some of you out there, the real brave ones who get goose bumps just thinking about scaling a mountain in the middle of a jaguar reserve.

Days 1 to 3 are taken to hike from headquarters to the mountain base then to the summit, many groups don’t make it because they want to hike back shortly after making it to the top. The real magic begins when you camp on the summit. Being so high above everything gives you views the likes of which aren’t seen by many, and you will see more stars at night than you may have your entire life.

Sitting by a campfire with nothing but stars above you and a beating heart beside you could set the tone for the perfect proposal to a happy, adventure filled life. Who wouldn’t want that?

4 Make a gesture behind the reef


Some of you, like many of us, love the water; rivers, streams, the sea – there is something so inexplicably calming about the bond that two hydrogens make with an oxygen flowing freely with its’ counterparts through, over, under and around everything in life. Water gives life and speaking of that life, the life in the waters of the seas are breathtakingly beautiful. No color of the spectrum is missed in the seas.

Belize is home to one of the seas greatest wonders, the MesoAmerican reef system, the longest and healthiest stretch of which cozily brackets the eastern side of Belize’s waters. Surrounded by such natural splendor, it’s nearly impossible to not see the beauty of the person you’re with. At that point, since you literally dove in, why not keep it going and go on one knee submerged in the Caribbean Sea?

Hopefully, it’s heart-stoppingly romantic and not breathtakingly, the latter might not end too well! 😉

5 Fall as fast as you fell in love


Do you enjoy the feeling of flying? That is free-flying and otherwise. Some of us like that feeling way more than the rest – and if you’re part of that ‘us’ then this might be just the thing for you (and your partner of course). We’ve mentioned before that Astrum or Tropic air can take you zooming at the speed of air to get a top down view of Belize’s most gorgeous vistas. Now, Skydive Belize can take you up in the air to get a vista and, of course by now you’ve guessed, jump out and make your way down at 120 miles per hour.

We don’t imagine there are things that get your adrenaline going much more than Sky-diving. It’s an activity that many consider the pinnacle of “living life to its fullest”, and while you’re living it to the maximum why not pose the best question a significant other can hear? Don’t worry about the ring until you land, that’d be a terrible thing to lose so high up in the air.

Whether up high or down low, adrenaline is one heck of a drug. Luckily those very same feel good hormones produced when you’re having fun are the ones responsible for the butterflies in your stomach when you see your special someone and that absolutely weightless feeling they give you. There are few better ways to strengthen a bond than to replicate those feelings in new and exciting ways. Go out, have fun and keep falling in love!

Had a moment that literally stopped time around you and your S/O in Belize? Tell us about it by commenting below! 🙂

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