New Filly at Chaa Creek Named by Guest Contest

On March 19th, 2017, The Lodge at Chaa Creek was given the gift of a new little life in the form of a filly being born to one from The Lodge’s team of horses.


Everyone on site was abuzz with excitement about the new baby mare, so much so that no-one could decide what we would name her. Not for a lack of ideas, as those were a dime-a-dozen, nothing seemed to fit the bright-eyed look of this little horse quite well.


What we instead did was one of the most fun things one can do with such an occurrence, we hosted a contest!

All our families present at The Lodge were asked to submit their idea for what our new girl should be known as and the results were nothing short of stellar!

We had close to 30 entries for name suggestions and among the suggestions were names like Namaste – very zen inspiring, Chaa Chaa – which we thought was quite clever, Remi, Corazon, Whiskey and the list goes on.

Our Guests were asked to submit their name suggestion along with their name, and contact details to be eligible for a free night stay on their next visit to Belize! How cool is that?

After receiving all entries the results were narrowed down to the managers’ favorite 6 names after which a secret ballot vote was employed to choose the winning name.

For those of you who can’t bear any more suspense, Our winning entry is


Winners: Michael & Juliet Helft 🙂 Congratulations!

Video and Cover photo credit to the Johnson family – Thanks for sharing! 😀

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