Chaa Creek and Inland Belize Meet Boston TV

A mutual admiration society is born

Ah, Boston…what’s not to like?

Known as the Cradle of Liberty, with the Boston Tea Party pretty much kicking off the American Revolution, and home to Harvard University, Fenway Park, the Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, Boston Baked Beans, musical icons the Boston Pops and Aerosmith, and an urban design and road system that can only be described as magical (in that getting across town involves an enchanted, rather than rational approach).

Yes, we like Boston, so it’s great news to know that Boston likes Chaa Creek.

For proof, check out this newscast on popular Beantown ABC television station WCVB TV channel 5, where reporter Anthony Everett starts out extolling the virtues of Ambergris Caye before informing his viewers that:

“But the coast isn’t the nation’s only calling card. Belize is in fact a many splendored thing. It’s the perfect place for a little ‘R and R’ – reef and rainforest.”


Cut to Mick and Lucy Fleming at The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

“Mick and Lucy are bona fide local legends, creators of the very first eco-retreat in the Belizean jungle.”

Aw shucks…

We’re glad you said it, Mr Everett, since the modest, publicity-shy Flemings don’t like us making a big deal of them or their accomplishments here.

However, there’s no denying the facts of what they accomplished at Chaa Creek, and Anthony and the crew at Boston Channel 5 do a good job of bringing the evolution of Chaa Creek to life through old photographs, new footage, and with interviews of Mick and Lucy.


The segment traces the early days of Chaa Creek as a farm with no roads in or out, transport by horse or dugout canoe, the early backpacker visitors spreading positive word of mouth, and then the voiceover:

“Today’s luxury retreat is a far cry from Chaa Creek’s humble hippie origins…”

with scenes of fine dining at the Mariposa Restaurant, the Hilltop Spa, horseback riding, the pool, and the range of accommodations, from the luxurious Ix Chel Villas to the rustic Macal River Camp.

In fact, what seems to have impressed Mr Everett is that the Flemings “Never lost sight of their roots…” by offering a range of accommodation to suit every budget, from the luxurious, high end villas to the more rustic Macal River Camp.

We could go on, but the WCVB 5 broadcast is way more entertaining, and you can watch it here:

Belize: Reef, Rainforests, and Ruins

Belize is the perfect place for a little R & R, reef and rainforest, and if that’s not enough, you can even visit ancient Mayan ruins.

We will say that another thing we like about this story is that it’s yet another example of the growing popularity of inland Belize. Time was, when you mentioned Belize, many people heard, “scuba diving”.

Now “Belize” brings to mind vast, pristine rainforests filled with colourful birds, exotic wildlife and ancient Maya temples – as well as eco-luxe lodgings, excellent dining, exquisite amenities and more exciting activities than you can shake the proverbial stick at.


As Anthony Everett put it,

“It has been a long strange trip for these one time adventurers…”

And while the Mick and Lucy we know are still very much the adventurers they always were, now the good people of Boston, population 673,184, can come along for the ride.

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