Belize Eco-Kids 2018 Summer Camp Takes Off!

The 2018 Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp Is Off!

Well hello there, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably a concerned parent who’s naturally worried about your child being away from home. That’s totally okay! I hope these blogs can help relieve your stress. You can be assured that your child will be completely taken care of by experienced and caring volunteer counselors.

Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Councelors Kicks Off

Today was probably the hardest day for everyone (apart from the last day), a mixture of emotions could be felt at each meet up point. Emotions ranging from fear of the unknown all the way up to excitement. However, that fear they had went away rather quickly. You’d be amazed to see how fast and easily the kids began making friends on the bus. At each stop, with more and more children hopping on, the singing of camp songs became louder and louder.

Eco Kids Summer Camp Chaa Creek 2018 Friends

Arriving at the camp grounds entrance, fueled by camp songs and now being in the jungle itself, smiles could be seen stepping out of the bus one by one. After a final announcement by our wonderful and caring Counselor Lilly, the kids lined up and marched down Chaa Creek’s Howler trail into camp. The trail, which would normally be filled with howler monkey screams during the night, was now filled with cheerful laughter and footsteps heading towards memories that’ll last a life time.

Eco Kids Summer Camp Kick Off 2018 Levi

With vision being less than 15 feet in the thick jungle, neon green shirts could vaguely be spotted at the end of the trail. Greeting them with a big “WELCOME ECO CAMPERS”, our head coordinator Levi, in his big neon green shirt certainly got their attention. After a few rounds of ice breakers, songs and associating their names with a food (which would be their nickname for the rest of camp), the eager campers headed off to their assigned cabins to settle in. With each camper being assigned into a team, they bonded over dinner with cheerful conversations echoing into the forest.

Eco Kids summer camp 2018 kick off boys

With the sun now setting, chirps of birds turning into chirping of crickets, you’d think the day would be over, right? Nope! You’d be wrong and the excitement on the faces of the campers who knew they still had a night hike coming up, would prove it. Starting off around their cabins, the kids all split into 3 groups, each vanishing their separate ways into the jungle on the hunt for creepy crawlers and basically anything that moved in their direction of their flash lights. With adventuring over, all that was left to do was a quick shower and it was lights out.

Well… day 1 is over, and day 2 awaits. As our Camp Coordinator Levi would say, “The best week of the year” has officially began! Stay tuned for Tomorrow as we explore Biodiversity and Conservation.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the update provided. I’m sure the kids are having an amazing time.
    Must say your opening statement was really good (had me smiling like if you were talking to me), and this article made me feel more at ease. Sounds like everything is going great. Thanks for hosting the kids for this amazing experience. My daughter is loving it.


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