Move Over Sundance, There’s a New Film Fest Kid in Town

The 2018 Annual Belize International Film Festival will be rolling from November 8 – 11 this year, showcasing an eclectic assortment of films, highlighting a vibrant arts scene, and proving once again that Belize is more than just a pretty face.

Lights, Camera, Action!

What? You don’t associate Belize with films? Well, what was Aspen associated with before Sundance? Or Venice, Berlin and Toronto before their film festivals?

Skiing, a bunch of canals, a wall that came down and… well, whatever that fine Canadian city was known for before hosting one of the world’s premier film festivals.

But they all do have certain things in common for holding great film festivals – natural beauty, rich cultures, vibrant local art scenes, and creative people determined to put together a film festival.

belize international film festical lord rhaburn and lynn whitfield

So, without further ado:

Welcome to the 13th Annual Belize International Film Festival!

As a relatively new nation, Belize has an unmistakeable youthful vibrancy and energy that livens up everything that happens here. Add mind-blowingly beautiful scenery, plenty of things to do, an emerging foodie culture, and you have all the elements for hosting a spectacular film festival.

Which, by all accounts, is what film buffs can look forward to again in November 2018.

Check it out:

With thirty films from twenty-one different countries on offer, there’s not much chance of boredom, and the awards categories are as diverse as Belize’s land and people:

  1. The Human Condition: films that focus on the characteristics, events, situations that compose the essentials of human existence; eg. growth, aspirations, conflicts, mortality.
  2. Collective Memories: films about people, places and events that have collectively shaped the history of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico into what it is today.
  3. Shorts: interesting films on any subject
  4. Music Videos: films directed by Belizean nationals for Belizean music artists and filmed on location in Belize.
  5. Green Globe: films planet that bring awareness or suggest solutions to environmental issues facing our planet and in particular Belize.
belize international film festival yochi a contestant
Belizean produced film

Even for people used to binging on Netflix, it’s going to be a huge few days, so, if you’re in Belize, mark your calendar and get ready to start popping the corn.

If you’re not in Belize, think about using the Belize International Film Festival, AKA BELIZEIFF, as one more reason to take advantage of the incredible Shoulder Season Super Saver deals Chaa Creek is offering throughout November.

In fact, if you contact Chaa Creek – or ask your favorite travel agent to – and tell one of our vacation planner specialists that you’d love to experience all or part of this year’s BELIZEIFF, they’ll help you make it part of a Belize Shoulder Season Vacation that’s as exciting as it is affordable.


Eco-luxe accommodation and amenities, great dining, exciting free activities and Sundance with a tropical twist!

We’re giving this one two thumbs up.

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