Here At Chaa Creek, We’re Dusting Off The Belize Welcome Mat

“Good News” and “COVID-19” are two expressions you wouldn’t think go hand in hand these days.

Yet here we are, starting the week of May 11 with some good news about COVID-19 in Belize.

There, we’ve done it – we just used “Good news” “COVID-19”, and “Belize” in the same sentence.

Because, with several sources reporting that, as of May 11, there are no active COVID-19 cases in Belize, we can finally give a cautious sigh of relief.

Belize Covid Free Regional Map 2020

Once again, “The little country that could” has pulled together to produce a result that until recently appeared to be a long way off.

Belize appears to have joined New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, Norway, Vietnam and a select few countries in slowing this global pandemic though early, vigorous and well executed measures that stopped the Coronavirus at the borders, while enlisting the public to halt the spread within the country.

In Belize, this is another example of a successful partnership between government and citizens – with the public and private sectors working together to achieve something extraordinary.

Taiwan donating covid19 masks to Belize

And please stay tuned for future blog posts as we attempt to give credit to the many other organisations and individuals who selflessly give their time, energy, products, money and love to help their fellow Belizeans during this crisis.

It’s quite extraordinary, actually.

But then again, it’s very Belizean.

Our regular readers know that one of our favourite Belize expressions, and a defining characteristic of the people and national culture, is “Hand Wash Hand.”

And now, with the government and private sector – particularly the tourism industry – working together to promote hygiene, social distancing and other practices to stop this virus in its tracks, hand wash hand has taken on a more literal meaning.

Visitors often comment on Belize’s multiculturalism, and how so many different ethnic groups harmoniously live, work, and achieve together in this vibrant melting pot by the Caribbean Sea.


Maybe we’re used to it, because we weren’t surprised to see this national spirit of care and cooperation in action.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods – or the rainforest – yet, but it is good news. And brings us closer to the day when The Lodge at Chaa Creek and our Belize Rainforest Retreat return to bringing people and nature closer together in that atmosphere of casual luxury and sustainable tourism we’ve become famous for.

belize horseback riding couple in jungle social distancing

Yes – we’re champing at the bit to open our doors as much as our guests are to once again immerse themselves in the pristine nature Chaa Creek is so fortunate to be nestled within.

socially distancing canoeing in Belize

Canoeing, horseback riding and hiking the miles of trails running through our 400-acre private nature reserve, exploring ancient Maya temples and the ruins of vast cities, taking part in early morning birding, guided nature hikes, tours and expeditions, enjoying farm-to-table dining, professional care at the Hilltop Spa, enhancing cooking skills with culturally-rich classes at  the onsite Open Hearth kitchen, and much more await the visitors we’ve been missing so dearly.

But the health and safety of our guests and our staff come first and foremost – so we’ll all need to wait until the “all-clear” is sounded by the WHO and our respective governments.