5 Ways To Enjoy a Heathy, Carefree Belize Vacation At Chaa Creek

Table of Contents

  1. Tip One – Visit Belize.
  2. Tip Two – Stay at Chaa Creek
  3. Tip Three -  Enjoy luxuriously healthy amenities
  4. Tip Four – Get out and about in nature
  5. Tip Five – Relax!

As travel moves ever closer to reopening, people are beginning to dream about their dream vacations. And with health and safety still a priority for many travellers, we thought we’d offer some suggestions for exciting, fun, and above all, carefree vacations.

Tip One Visit Belize.

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Belize, with its low population density, plenty of pristine wilderness, and clean air refreshed by Caribbean sea breezes and living, breathing rainforests, took fast, effective steps to halt the spread of the virus. It’s a combination that let the country avoid the worst of the global pandemic.

Tip TwoStay at Chaa Creek

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Chaa Creek epitomizes everything that makes Belize such a healthy vacation choice. Nestled within a 400-acre private nature reserve, with well-spaced, airy accommodations that take advantage of the natural setting, our large and famously friendly staff are undertaking specialized training to ensure a scrupulously hygienic environment for guests and workers.

This combination of a clean built-environment with a healthy natural environment adds up to a place you can feel great about bringing your family and loved ones to. For example, the farm-to-table Mariposa Restaurant, under a huge, tall thatched roof,  has always offered an open-air dining experience, with tables spread apart for our guests to enjoy conversation and some of the best meals to be found in Belize – or anywhere.

Tip Three – Enjoy luxuriously healthy amenities


Chaa Creek has been defined by its “Casual Luxury,” which, by nature, is outdoorsy and healthy. The Hilltop Spa offers al fresco massages and breezy, sunlit care inside.  And the generous infinity pool and lounging area will now welcome limited numbers to ensure guests can swim, dine, enjoy drinks and snacks, and work on their tans in spacious, carefree comfort. With Mother Nature providing all the free fresh air and Vitamin D you can ask for, just lazing around in a lounge or hammock is a healthy activity.

Tip FourGet out and about in nature

best belize birding tours at Chaa creek lodge

Starting with complementary birding, strolling through tropical gardens and the miles of signposted trails crisscrossing the surrounding nature reserve is a great way to both exercise and relax body and mind.   

Complementary guided tours at the onsite Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail and Maya Organic Garden are conducted in keeping with current best practices. And while hiking, horseback riding, canoeing the tranquil Macal River, and much more can all be enjoyed without leaving Chaa Creek, exploring nearby ancient Maya temples and the ruins of ancient cities have built-in distancing and other health-conscious attributes.

Tip Five – Relax!

Let’s face it – we’ve all been though a lot this year. The physical and mental challenges we’ve experienced have taken a toll. But the good news is that, as a species, we’ve risen to the challenge, cooperated together, and are working our way back to normalcy.

 Soon enough it will be time to think, “Hooray for us!”

And the best way to celebrate that, in our humble opinion, is to reward ourselves by taking a break to reconnect with nature, each other and our inner selves. There’s something so healing and rejuvenating about nature that even a walk in the forest leaves us feeling better.

Combine that with casually luxurious comforts such as eco-luxe accommodations, indulgent amenities and delicious dining, and you have a Rx for lifting spirits and getting that all-important Mojo back.

Don’t you feel better just thinking about it?

We invite you to visit the Chaa Creek website, have a look at the pleasures that await, and see if the future isn’t already looking a little bit better.

And then contact us.  If you like, one of our vacation planners will be in touch to answer questions and help you plan your dream vacation.

We look forward to seeing you!

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